MosoMRM 2.3


SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS...remember to log out, CLEAR CACHE, then log back in to your MosoMRM system!

This is especially important if you have the Permanent Log-In option selected on any POS or Check-In Workstations!!!



(Release Date: 5/18/2015)

MosoMRM 2.30 includes several icon_new.gif features including:

There are also several refinements and enhancements to existing features and functionality including:

New Features

Discounts by Agreements

The Discounts system has been expanded to enable automatic discounts by Agreements.

Important Notes

By linking an Agreement to a Discount any member who has that agreement in an active status will automatically receive the discount at the time of POS. An additional setting within Suspension Reasons can automatically apply the discount to agreements that are suspended using a specific Suspension Reason.


System Configuration > Discounts / Adjustment

  1. Within a Discount check the corresponding box on an agreement to enable auto-discounts for members who have that agreement in an active status

System Configuration > Suspension Reasons

  1. Within a Suspension Reason check the box labelled Apply Member’s Purchase Discounts while on Suspension

Maintain Bill Dates on Agreement Rewrites

During an agreement rewrite MoSo will attempt to maintain the previous billing schedule if applicable. In addition, MoSo will issue activities based on the combination of the member’s previous start date, billing schedule, and rewrite date.

Important Notes

This specifically supports billing models that bill-month-ahead where a bill date covers the member’s access to the facility for the following month or period.


System Configuration > Cancellation Reasons

The option to maintain billing dates is found within a Cancellation Reason as checkbox labelled Keep Same Billing Schedule on Re-Write.

Enhancement Fee Cancellation Rule

Enhancement fees can now be bypassed on members who have a pending cancellation.

Important Notes

Both setup fields must be filled out for MoSo to allow the user to proceed. Negative values are not allowed.


System Configuration > Cancellation Reasons

A new option is found under each Cancellation Reason to bypass an enhancement fee listed under the Enhancement Fee Items option.

Fill out the two text fields with numbers corresponding to:

  1. The request date being more than X days prior to the enhancement fee’s next bill date
  2. The effective date of the cancellation is Y days after the enhancement fee’s bill date

MyClub Data Tracking - Transactions

MoSo now displays transactions that occurred through MyClub in a more user friendly format. No setup is involved.

The invoices screen shows invoices with a heading that includes ‘MyClub’ in the description to designate that a transaction occurred through MyClub.


MyClub Data Tracking - Agreement Sales

MoSo now allows linking a sales person to an agreement that is sold through MyClub


System Configuration > Portal Configuration > Agreements

Portal Configuration has a new option within an agreement option listed as Employee. Set the default employee within this setting for agreements to display as a Sales Person when the agreement is sold through MyClub.

myclub_sales1.png myclub_sales2.png

Discounting Items within Bundles

Discounts can now be applied to individual items within a bundle through regular POS transactions. Previously, no items within a bundle could be discounted. Additionally, this feature only applies to regular POS transactions - it will not impact bundles brought over through an agreement sale. (The POS screen is locked from making changes during an agreement sale.)


No additional setup is required. Assign discounts based on normal setup procedures.

New Reports

  1. Exception Report - Multiple Access Agreements: The Multiple Access Agreements report lists members who have access to the same business unit within multiple agreements.
  2. Exception Report - Inactive Members with Service Agreements: The Inactive Members with Service Agreements report lists members who have a service agreement without an access membership agreement.
  3. Exception Report - Early Agreement Cancellations: The Early Agreement Cancellations Report allows organizations to identify agreements which were cancelled within a specified number of days after being sold. This allows auditing within the organization to help identify areas of improvement with retention and training initiatives for onboarding new business.
  4. Check In Hourly Summary: The Check In Hourly Summary report shows facility usage broken down by the hour of each day for the selected date range. Grouped by Business Unit with a summary and chart.
  5. Service Provider Client List: The Service Provider Client list report displays all clients for each service provider. User can limit results by Member Stage, Category, Provider, and Location. Provides results grouped by service provider or category.
  6. Service Provider Activity Summary: The Service Provider Activity Summary report shows a summarized listing of client activities by service provider within a specified time period.
  7. Activity Expiration: This report lists members with activities that will expire within a specified date range. Use the results to proactively engage customers to redeem their activities prior to expiration.

Updated Features

Location Security

The Data Security area has been renamed Location Security.

Functional security options have been removed and remain within the Staff Work Role setup area.

  1. The View permission is the only permission used within Location Security.
  2. By removing functional security permissions out of the Location Security area this limits Location Security explicitly to the permissions for a user's ability to access locations.


No setup is necessary

Gift Card Restriction to Swipe

A new security option has been put in place to force users to swipe / scan a gift card upon usage as the only method to enter the gift card number.


  1. Staff & Work Roles > Feature Security Permissions > Point of Sale & Payments > Manually Enter Gift Card

Document Management

The Document Management system has been expanded to handle the storage of documents generated by MoSo.

Additionally, system folders can be renamed and customer folders can be created.

The MoSo functions that have document storage capabilities are:

  • Agreements (PDF of agreement is saved automatically)
  • Suspensions (“upload” feature added to suspension wizard)
  • Cancellations (“upload” feature added to cancelation wizard)
  • Corporate Paperwork (“upload” feature added to agreement wizard for corporate agreements)

Important Notes

Files stored prior to the update will be moved to a folder labelled Other. Users must manually move those files back to folders if needed.

The Agreements function allows for automatic storage of files within the mapped folder. All other functions do not allow for automatic storage of files. These areas include Upload buttons to upload files to the mapped folder.


System Configuration > Enterprise Configuration

Setup is a two step process.

  1. Create and modify the folders
  2. Map the folders to predefined functions

Folder management and function/folder mapping were added to the Enterprise Configuration screen.

Resolved Issues

Agreement Rewrites

  1. Certain agreements, like Corporate agreements, are set up to allow specific agreements to be sold as add-ons. When rewriting an add-on agreement to be sold as a different agreement (eg - going from Junior to Individual) all available agreements were being showed. The fix now only shows the agreement options listed within the setup of the agreement rewrite options. (NS: 106873)


  1. Bundle's division pricing was overriding business unit pricing (NS: 102871)
    1. Business Unit pricing should always override division pricing. The order of priority goes: Business Unit > Division > Enterprise


  1. Promotion on installments were not discounting the down payment correctly (NS: 28227)

Agreement Suspensions

  1. Pay-In-Full agreement suspensions were not extending expiration on the PIF period correctly. (NS: 29119)


  1. Appointments could be authorized days before their scheduled date. When these appointments were cancelled the activity stayed at a Used status instead of reverting to Available. The fix now prohibits the authorization of an appointment prior to the appointment dates. (NS: 29119)


  1. Creating discount codes with more than 10 characters caused system errors. The system will now appropriately address the user. (NS: 25709, 26866)


  1. Item names were being limited to 30 characters instead of 50 characters. (NS: 105142)