MosoMRM 2.2


SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS...remember to log out, CLEAR CACHE, then log back in to your MosoMRM system!

This is especially important if you have the Permanent Log-In option selected on any POS or Check-In Workstations!!!



(Release Date: 11/26/2014)

MosoMRM 2.2 is a minor release that focuses on several usability enhancements in the interface as well as functional fixes across the application. However, it does also include five (5) icon_new.gif features and enhancements:

BOSS is configured exclusively on the icon_new.gif AR Management Configuration (Accounts Receivable Management). This will be commonly referred to as simply ARM throughout the application.

Accelerate Service Item Redemption

The Accelerate Start on Early check box.

This feature gives you the ability to schedule and redeem Service Items ahead of their next scheduled invoice date. To use this feature, the Accelerate Start on Early check box has been added as an option in the Service Item Type configuration only.

This feature applies primarily to Service Agreements with a finite number of PT sessions per period (typically a month), and PT packages with multiple sessions. Typically, these Agreements and packages include a specific number of sessions (e.g. 10 per month) and these sessions are not made available for scheduling and redemption until their next invoice cycle. Selecting this option gives you the ability to schedule and redeem your NEXT series of sessions after you have redeemed all of your current sessions.

For example:

  1. PT Service Agreement: 10 sessions per month
  2. Next Invoice Date on Agreement: Nov 1 ("Monthly on the 1st")
  3. You use all 10 of your October sessions in the first two weeks of the month.
  4. If this check box is selected, the next series of available sessions (10) in your Agreement are immediately available for scheduling and redemption.
  5. Previously, these next 10 sessions would not have been available until Nov 1, after the next invoice date was satisfied.

Agreement Change History

Several changes can be made to an Agreement during its life cycle. These changes are now stored and displayed in the Agreements tab on the Member Profile. This feature summarizes the changes, including any additional notable changes, and gives you the ability to identify why the change was made and by whom. It also identifies at what location the change was done and at what specific workstation.

The Show Change History button has been added to the Agreement Details section to access this information, which is read-only. After you have selected the Show Change History button, the information displays in that section and the button label changes to Show Agreement Details.

Agreement Change History and the Show Agreement Details button.

The Change Types that will be stored and available for viewing on Profile page are:

  1. New Agreement
  2. Cancellation
  3. Signature Type (electronically or manually signed)
  4. Suspension
  5. Rewrite
  6. Funding Source

When a changes is made to an Agreement, a new history record is created. Change history will ONLY be saved and stored from your date of implementation and going forward. Any changes made prior to implementation will not be saved and stored.

Back Office Support Services (BOSS)

Back Office Support Services (BOSS) is an automated messaging system for notifying Members whose accounts are delinquent. The main component in BOSS is Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), which focuses on configuring the specific methods used and schedules for notifying each Member.

The purpose of BOSS is to automate the process of identifying and messaging Members who are delinquent prior to sending them to your designated collections agency. This automation will significantly reduce the number of accounts that end up needing to go to collections, hence adding to your bottom line.

Members are put into ARM automatically, or manually, after their primary funding source (Credit Card or Debit Card) is declined in MosoPay during the billing process. Being declined is the ONLY trigger that puts Members automatically into ARM.

There are three (3) messaging types:

  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Phone Calls

Letters are produced and sent through a 3rd party service.

Phone messages are professionally prerecorded and uploaded into the configuration page (see below) using a Waveform Audio File Format (WAV).

BOSS MUST be enabled for these features to be available in the application and this can ONLY be done by designated Motionsoft personnel. Please contact your Project Manager to enable these features.

Loyalty Rewards

The Loyalty Rewards program in MosoMRM is a tiered point system where you can earn points for purchases, activities, or other actions within a facility. Based on the point levels you configure, known as Point Categories, you can redeem these point for discounted or complimentary items and services.

The Loyalty Rewards page has been added to configure the Point Categories and how the points are applied based on the Reward Level that is achieved. Only designated Motionsoft personnel can activate this page, and all other features of the Loyalty Program. Please contact your Project Manager for more information.

Points can be applied based on:

  • How much money you spend
  • Bundle Item purchases
  • Activity Redemption (check-ins or services)

You can also add points manually and all of these are identified by the Category Type during setup. The Type you select also affects how the points are multiplied and added to your account e.g. a "Spend" Category (i.e. the points are based on the amount of money spent) with a "Multiplier" of "2" means you will receive "2 points" for every dollar you spend on an item. So if an item, or combination of items, is $50 you would receive 100 Loyalty Points for that purchase.

The Reward Levels section (right) on this page is where you determine any additional discounts that can be applied at POS if a Member has reached that specific Point Requirement. You can also configure a Pre-Appointment Booking Extension (number of days) as an added perk for reaching that Point Requirement.

Three (3) additional settings have been added to the Item Price configuration that determine how the settings in each of the Categories will affect that specific item, if a Point Requirement is reached. These three settings display only if you have the Loyalty Rewards feature activated in the application.

  • Purchase Points - This applies the point value for "Spend" amount as noted above for the purchase of this item.
  • Redemption Points - This applies the point value based on the redemption of this item. This should be applied to redeemable service or access items ONLY (e.g. PT sessions, Massage, Tanning, or if you get points every time you check in to a club).
  • Loyalty Discount - Selecting this check box will automatically apply the discount percentage you added on the Loyalty Rewards if this item is purchased at POS and you have reached the point requirement. This discount is in addition to any other purchase or redemption perks you may get based on your total point accumulation.
Loyalty Point designation on Member Profile

Points are manually added in the Rewards tab on the Member Profile. In this tab you can also view your recent reward point transactions, your monthly point earning History, and your current Reward Level, including how many points are required to reach the next level.

Also, once a Member has reached the first Reward Level, a banner displays next to their Member Photo in the header of the Member Profile (see screen shot). The color for each level is determined in the Loyalty Rewards setup and will change as you reach each new level.

Payment Allocation by Amount

In the Agreement Groups configuration, you now have the additional option of selecting Amount as the Payment Allocation Type for that group. Previously, Percentage was the only available option for allocating payment responsibilities between the Primary and the Add-On Member for Agreement Down Payments or for any Recurring payments.

Unlike for the Percentage option type, Amounts are entered for the Primary ONLY with the Add-On automatically being responsible for the remaining amount of that payment. Hence, "Remaining" is the default value in the Min, Max, and Default fields, and they are not editable.

Default Amount Values.

You can however, still set a range for Min and Max amounts, and a Default amount, which still gives you the flexibility to select an amount within that range in the Agreement Writer.

If a payment due is less than the amount of the split (e.g. the split is $100 and the payment due is $75), either the Primary or Add-On pay up to that payment due amount i.e. no over payment or refund is generated, nor is any change given.

Reports & Launch Pad

Random error messages with the Launch Pad during Log-In have been resolved.(NS:104746,4551)

For Launch Pad reports that include additional filters and other editable elements (e.g. Business Unit selection on the Member Count report), the correct data is now populating in each report if you select any of the non-default filters.(NS:106094,5890)

Report Builder

The following issues have been corrected with the latest Logi™ Ad Hoc version upgrade (v.11.02) in all three of the primary web browsers:(NS: 102824,106607,103471,103431,3037)

  • Calendar Functions
  • Viewing the detail record on the Grouped drill-down.

The latter issue was caused by not setting the width to 100% for of the parent table to properly display the child tables (drill-downs). Ensure that you set the parent table to 100% or to a value large enough to hold the child table.

Accounts Receivable Aging

  • The following options have changed:(NS:102620, 94384,429)
    • The Show Balance by Agreement option has been removed and replaced with Show Balance by Item.
    • The Business Unit option (NOT the multi-select box in the Selections section) has been changed to Invoice Sales by Business Unit.

Payment Allocation

  • The report is accurately filtering manual and billing Payment Type transactions.(NS:106933,6749)

Sales Revenue

  • When running this report in a Summary view, and then export it to Excel, it exports in a detail view, not in Summary. This is not an issue with PDF export.(NS:104846,4816)

Transaction List

  • This report now includes both Member and Non-Member transactions. (NS:104649,4523)

New Reports


Resolved Issues


  • When selecting an Agreement Template to attach to an Agreement, inactive templates no longer display in the list.(NS:76233,4037)
  • If there is only one (1) Bundle configured for an Agreement, that Bundle is automatically selected in the Agreement Writer.(NS:99693,3790)
  • When the Agreement Billing date falls on the same day as the Annual Fee billing date, a total sum of the two will display in the Projected Billing section.(NS:101973,2570)
  • When Cancelling an Agreement, the Cancellation Reasons now display in alphabetical order.(NS:98835,3817)
  • Total Obligation Amount is calculating correctly when a prorated down payment is included in the total figure.(NS:107043,6773)
  • Rewritten Agreements are being assigned to the correct (original) Sales Advisor.(NS:107259,6998)

Agreement Groups

  • When creating a new Agreement Group you are now immediately directed to the first tab on the page (General).(NS:103742,3519)

Bundle Setup

  • The Enter key on your keyboard now also executes the Item Search in the Add Bundle pop-up. Previously, only the Search button executed the search. (NS:103317,3681)
  • The Start and End Dates are now saving properly when they are entered (typed) verses selected into each field. There were no issues when selecting each date from the Date & Time picker.(NS:95257,2248)
  • When setting up a Bundle, a warning message now displays if the bundle price is not configured at all.(NS:103744,3512)
    • The language in the warning is as follows: "There is no Pricing set for this Bundle and it will not be available in the Agreement Wizard until pricing is added."
    • This is just a warning message and will not prevent you from adding the item.
  • If an Agreement has only one (1) bundle option, that option is automatically selected in the Agreement Writer.(NS:99693,3790)


  • Payments for sponsor transfers are being picked up on correct payment due date instead of billing date.(NS:106996,107106,101975,6737)
  • The issue of Members being billed while on suspension despite Stops Billing during Suspension check box being selected in the Suspension Reasons has been rectified.(NS:106977,107170,107846,6744,7702)


  • You can now press the Enter key on your keyboard to check in any Add-On Member. Previously this was only functional for the primary Member.(NS:98322,1313)

Enterprise Configuration

  • When you double-click on a Business Unit or a Division, you are automatically taken into edit mode, with the cursor in the Name field.(NS:103315,3683)

Item Setup

  • Inactive Tax Groups no longer display in the Tax Group drop-down list in Item Setup.(NS:94470,3881)
  • When searching for an Item, the Enter key on your keyboard now also executes an Item Search in the Items section (left). Previously, only the Search button executed the search. (NS:103318,3680)
  • The issue with saving item prices with a future start date has been fixed. If you attempted to save an item price set to start in the future and changed the value in the Time field, you received an error message. If you left the default value in that field, the error was not occurring.(NS:106516,6318)


  • Automatic proper casing is now working when adding demographic information for new Members. This does NOT apply to existing Members. The case automatically updates only after you edit that existing Member's information.(NS:100212,3777)

Moso myClub/Portal Configuration

  • The proper Agreements are displaying and available in Portal Configuration as well as online.(NS:105936,5759)
  • The Lead Source and Sales Person are now being passed through to the Member Profile and now the Agreement when selling an Agreement online.(NS:106136,106118,6803)

Moso Task Processor

  • The AR Aging is now displaying the correct amount in the Accounts' tab as are the related invoice balances in the Invoices tab.(NS:106143,107139,107841


  • The miscalculation error involving Installment Agreements has been corrected. An extra payment request was being generated which affected the calculations and what was being displayed in the AR Aging and Projected Billing.(NS:105919,106099,6511)


  • A return or refund of an invoice associated to one member, is no longer cancelling the Agreement of another. This was ONLY occurring if the corresponding Invoice and Agreement identifications happened to be identical in the database. While identical numbers still may be randomly generated, this issue has been fixed.(NS:105588,5534)
  • A promotion ending will no longer result in a balance remaining on an invoice (or future invoice) that was paid-in-full in POS. (NS:105548,5425)


User Interface Cleanup

  • The Assigned Work Roles pop-up window now displays consistently the same on all applicable pages (Tender Types, Cancellation Reasons, Suspension Reasons).(NS:75385,596)
  • When adding a new Agreement, the cursor will automatically default to the Name field.(NS:103316,3682)
  • Automatic proper casing is now working when adding demographic information for new Members.(NS:100212,3777)
  • When |Cancelling an Agreement, the Cancellation Reasons now display in alphabetical order.(NS:98835,3817)
  • The header (Service Provider/Resource line) on the Scheduler Calendar now locks when scrolling.(NS:86839,82154,3932)
  • In POS Configuration, the Add button now displays to the right of the Business Unit drop-down list to be consistent with other configuration pages.(NS:104223,4499)

Feature Security Updates


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