MosoMRM 2.1.7




(Release Date: 12/10/2014)

MosoMRM 2.1.7 is report patch.

Billing Payment Details

All batches, including payment reversals, are now displaying in this report.(NS:107019,6841)

Member Accounts

The issue with the Expired As Of date (for funding sources expired as of a specific date) returning an error message when any date was entered has been fixed. Also, incorrect accounts as a result of this are no longer populating when running this report.(NS:107727,7799)

Payment By Item

The Payment By Item view (extract) now includes all applicable information for all records. Specific information was missing for records with specific characteristics.(NS:102580,101801,2632)

Query Builder

The Created field (date Agreement was created) has been added to the Customer tab in Query Builder. This gives the ability to pull specific when specific Member records were created for the specific date range.(7475,7262)

Report Builder

All of the header themes and logos have been changed back to the standard stacked MOSO. This was an issue after MosoMRM upgraded to the latest version of the Logi™ Ad Hoc reporting tool (v11.2) during our last release.(NS:106498,8642)

All virtual views with the object names containing "Data Fields" have been fixed and are now available.(NS:106498,8639)

Previous Releases

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