MosoMRM 2.00 Supplement


Release Date: 12/15/2013

This is a supplement to the MosoMRM 2.00 Release Notes that includes:

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MosoMRM 2.00.2

(Release Date: 1/27/2014)

This is a supplemental release and patch that includes the icon_new.gif Immediate Cancellation feature for Agreements. It also focuses on the Moso Task Processor (MTP) and how the daily updates and payments are processed.


Reports & Launch Pad

New Reports

GL Analysis - This is a summary report that balances the GL Totals from both the Sales Analysis and Tender Analysis reports.

  • The report layout is a hybrid of both reports with the Credits section taken from the Sales Analysis while the Debits section is a mirror of the Tender Analysis.
  • The report provides totals for manual, automatic, and billing transactions with a final grand total of the two sections providing an AR Change Value, reconciling the two types of data.
  • The report is located in the Financial folder.

Member Accounts - Funding Source Changes - This is a detail report that gives you the ability to view which Members had changes to their Account Funding Source.

  • The report displays when the changes were made, by whom (Member, Staff, CAU), the Account Status, and includes both the old and the new Funding Sources.
  • This report is located in the Members folder and is very similar to the Member Accounts report.

Member Interests - This report gives you the ability to filter and sort Members by their specific qualifications as they relate to their specific Interests. The report is located in the Members folder.

Non-Agreement Sales - This is a detail report showing all non-agreement sales within the specified date range.

  • The selection criteria is similar to that on the Sales Analysis Report but includes only non-Agreement Item Categories (e.g. Gift Cards, Spa Services, Pro Shop, etc).
  • The report is located in the Sales/Marketing folder.

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Updated Reports

The Discount column has been renamed to Discount/Adjustments in the following reports (folder in parentheses): (6870)

  • Activity Management (Activity Management)
  • Activity Liability (Activity Management)
  • Shift Report (Financial)
  • Transaction List (Financial)
  • Post Billing Detail (Billing)
  • Pre Billing Detail (Billing)
  • Billing - Auto Pay Collection (Billing)
  • Sales Analysis (Sales/Marketing)

Activity Liability

  • This report now properly accounts for Prorated Event Cancellations. (6880)
  • The report now filters by Category without issue. (6745,NS:90709)

Billing Statements

The layout for this report has been revamped to provide a sectioned, more summarized version of all charges. The changes include the following sections with all transactions listed in date order where applicable:

  • Summary which includes:
    • Previous Balance - The account balance for the day prior to the start date of the report.
    • New Charges - The sum of all Agreement and and other charges to the account during specified date range.
    • Total Payments - The sum of payments and reversals during the specified date range.
  • Agreement Charges - This section includes a line item for each transaction related to a specific Agreement e.g. you have a standard billing date of "Monthly on the 1st" ($30) and a "Facility Improvement Fee" ($50) billed every July 15th. Your July statement would have two (2) line items, one for each charge by date order.
  • Other Charges - This section includes all non-Agreement transactions charged to this account e.g. smoothie bar, bottled water, massage, etc. not related to Agreements.
  • Payments - This includes all automated or manual payments and reversals.

The section headers repeat on each page should a page break occur in the middle of a section when exporting the files to a PDF.

Other adjustments to this report include:

  • The company logo now displays on the report. (6618,6463)
  • This report can alse be viewed through the My Statements link in Moso myClub.
  • After running this report without filters, and then subsequently applying filters to narrow the results, the statements are produced without error. (6618,6463, NS:94075)

Also, for an Organization's Billing Statement, the Organization's address is now listing properly. (7518,NS:95402)

Deferred Revenue Recognition

  • This report has been reformatted accordingly for a cleaner Excel™ export.(6898,6625,NS:92359)

Event Attendance

  • Only the appropriate parameters are prepopulate the report when generating it using the Registration Report button on the Event Occurrence Registrants pop-up window. These are the Instance/Start Date and Session Date parameters.(6608,NS:90584,89943)

Inventory Received

  • This report now displays the correct employee that received the inventory in the Entered By field. (7652,NS:95332)

Locker Availability

The issue of duplicate locker records displaying when running this report has been resolved. (7488,NS:95190)

Member Accounts

  • You can filter this report based on the Mask/Last 4 of the credit card being used as the Funding Source for a specific account. This optional filter gives you another option when searching for the owns, or is linked to, the credit card, especially when dealing with any disputes.
  • You can export this report to Excel™ without error. Also, when exporting to Excel, the report now displays Active, Valid, Recurring, Non-Recurring, and On Account columns properly as it does in the main browser report. (6754,6922,6982, NS:90918,91973)
  • Credit Cards with a future expiration date are no longer returned when filtering the report with an Expired As Of date of Today in the Date Criteria and Credit Card in the Tender Type drop-down list. (7324(NS:93382)

Pre-Billing Summary

This report summarizes upcoming billings grouped by Location, Agreement, and Tender Type. The following enhancements and updates have been made to this report:

  • Sponsor Transfer payments display as their actual payment type (CC/Bank/Cash) in lieu of Sponsor Transfer. This data is sortable and also applies to the Post Billing Detail and Sales Analysis reports.(7250)
  • Payments are broken out by Billing, A/R, and Total.
  • The Charge Type multi-select list filter has been added with the following options:
    • Batch Funding Sources only
    • Agreement Billing Charges Only
    • On Account Charges Only
  • The Group By options include:
    • GL Code
    • Agreement
    • Tender

Report Builder

The following issues were in Firefox ONLY:

  • The Calendar icon now displays the calendar on all reports without issue.(6252,NS:88222)
  • The Detail links on the Cash Analysis & Transaction Listing-Deposit Billing report are now opening and working properly.(6251,NS:88224)

Sales Analysis

  • Decline fees are now displaying properly in the Fees and Returned items sections.(7167,NS:93510)
  • When selecting the Cash Account Type, the amounts are no longer doubling and are calculating accurately.(6265,NS:83898,84652)
  • The report is no longer accounting for discounts twice.(7563,NS:95476)

Shift Report

  • The overall reporting totals of this report are accurate. However, the totals in the Invoice drill down were not reporting accurately and have been corrected. Also, the transactions now display in date ascending order. (5792,NS:84650)
  • The data in the PIN column is now populating.(6909,NS:89187)

Transaction Listing

  • You now have the ability search by Funding Source on this report. (6464)
    • The Funding Source multi-select box has been added to the Selections options listing all of the available Funding Source, including the All option. This list is populated from the Tender Types configuration and includes active types only.
    • In the same section, the Funding Source Lookup field has been where you can search on the the last 3 numbers of a Funding Source.
  • The report now displays consistently when Grouped by Location.(7170,NS:93417)
  • The data in the PIN column is now populating for Agreement transactions.(6910,NS:89187)

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Resolved Issues

Activity Management

6607(NS:90589): If an Activity is expired through the Moso Task Processor, the revenue is posted at the club where it was purchased, not the Member's home club.


6015(NS:91034): During an Agreement Rewrite nothing is returned if nothing was selected in the Always Return Item Types in the Cancellation Reasons configuration.

6878: Activities are now prorated by the day, if the configured Activity duration is a Day or greater. This change affects Agreement Sales and Cancellations only.

6756(NS:88971): The Lead Source is now retained on the Member Profile even when the Lead Source expires or is deactivated.

Agreement Cancellations

6751(NS:89992): All pending Agreement Cancellations are now processing without issue on their respective cancellation dates.

7118(NS:92778): The status of a future cancellation request that included a refund is properly changing to Cancel after the cancellation is processed. Previously, if these criteria were present, the status was remaining active, even after the cancellation was processed.

7422(NS:93271): A future effective cancellation date that is AFTER the next scheduled billing date can be entered for a Perpetual Agreement without throwing an error.

Agreement Writer

6626(NS:90363): The Payment Plan drop-down list no longer displays as required if you click Next and the "None" option has been selected.

6742(NS:91578): You can return to an Agreement Rewrite after it has been in a "Save as Draft" status without issue.

7356(NS:94813): The rounding circumstances have been adjusted when applied to and Agreement initial payment and payment plan.

7357(NS:94814): When going back in the Agreement Writer to change a payment plan, the down payment amount is now clearing correctly so new payment plan information can be entered correctly.


6883(NS:90230): After a Bundle Price has been saved saved at any hierarchy level and that level is changed (e.g. price is going from Enterprise level to Division), any Perpetual options create at that point are now displaying in the Agreement Writer. Previously, if this change was made, the previous prices were displaying and available during the Agreement process.

7201(NS:93453,93455,94462): All prices (Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Qualified Member, Total Qualified Member) are no longer zeroing out and loading properly when Copying a Bundle.

7286(NS:94459): A unique name is no longer required for all item options in the Bundle.


7287(NS:94104): The Check-In Alert no longer displays the previous expired, and now inactive, Funding Source, if that Funding Source has been updated.

Data Imports

6873: You can now import offsetting credits from other systems so Members and/or Staff Members do not need to reenter the information. (NOTE: This will also apply to Promotions in a future release.)


6604(NS:90542): The Maximum Enrollment field is now working properly, not allowing for an overbooked event.

7247(NS:94315): When importing events, if the end time is before the start time, the event will now run into the next day. In the example below:

Event: Intro Boot Camp

Start Date: 11/1/2013

Start Time: 2:00 PM

End Time: 1:00 PM

The event dates should be from 11/1/13 2:00 PM to 11/2/13 1:00 PM (23 hours)

7587(NS:93900): The performance issues when loading a large number of future events has be fixed.


6606(NS:90660): The next invoice is now properly generated for a perpetual Agreement if you pay off all of the available Payment Requests in POS.

6702(NS:91410): On an Agreement payment with change due, the change now closes the invoice properly instead of creating an account balance for the amount of change due.

6765(NS:91885): You can make a payment in POS on an Invoice for a Rewritten Agreement without error.

Item Setup

7141: The character limit (250) for the Receipt Message text box in Item Setup has been removed.


5077(NS:94502): Invoices created from a back office over-payment now include a clear description in the Invoices tab on the Member Profile.

6887(NS:91717): The available Funding Source options are now working properly as they relate to the Tender Interface selections made in the Tender Types configuration.

6931,6748(NS:91362): State abbreviations are displaying properly after saving and subsequently editing that field in the Member Profile.

7005(NS:93254): The Agreement status on the Member Profile and Agreements Tab are now syncing up cleanly after you run the nightly Moso Task Processor (MTP).

7023(NS:91874): The projected billing dates are reporting accurately in the Agreements tab.

7026(NS:93342): The Date of Birth field is no longer throwing an exception, if it is formatted properly, when saving the Member Profile.

7042(NS:93317): Any On Account charges that are linked to a billing schedule are now being processed on the next scheduled billing day. Previously, the payment was getting picked up by the MTP on the day of the charge.

7160(NS:93084): (Canada Only) The postal code you entered in the Member Accounts|Accounts]] tab for a Funding Source now populates the same field when editing that Funding Source in the Agreements tab.

7383(NS:94779): The Obligation/Expiration Date is now being calculated incorrectly for Paid-In-Full Agreements.

7384(NS:94780): You can now click the Calculate Now button and get accurate dates returned without error for an Agreement with a future cancellation request.

7603(NS:95420): The caching issue for the print preview and subsequent printing of Invoices has been resolved. The correct invoice is now displaying for the correct Member.

MosoPay/Moso Task Processor

6597(NS:90360): Agreements with pending start dates are now recording properly during the Moso Task Processor (MTP) sync schedule process.

7066(NS:92268): Manual payment reversals are picked up during ReBilling without issue and both invoices are properly processed.

Moso myClub

7212(NS:93579): The Forgot My Password feature is now accepting the "#" character in the barcode without error.

7338(NS:94710): The Qualified Member Pricing is now working properly when registering for Events.

7623(NS:95449): Paid-In-Full Agreements are now authorizing and posting against the proper Business Unit with the proper Merchant Account Code without the "Transaction Error. Merchant Account is not registered verify the supplied value." exception being thrown.

Operation Security

6630(NS:90586): On the Employee Profile, the Scheduler settings tab now displays without issue.


6758(NS:89711): The date is now displaying correctly for the invoice records on the Reverse Payment pop-up.

6978(NS:92243): Selecting the Add Tender button now finalizes a zero-dollar ($0) transaction without issue.

7278(NS:94022): The page load time when loading and editing a large list of discount items has been fixed.

7602/7636 (NS:95582,95106): The proper email address is pre-loading on the receipt for all transactions (standard POS or Agreement).

Portal Configuration

6792,6879(NS:92047): The Agreement Name section is now paginated. Consequently, you can access the page without issue and with limited timing out.


6256(NS:87746): All of the employee Scheduler Access settings are working as designed.

7255(NS:92478): You can Cancel an Appointment when the Member's associated Agreement is expired.


Staff & Users

6603(NS:90587): You can now add a Staff Member to a Work Role in a Business Unit that begins with a digit e.g. 12th St., 11th and C, etc.

6922(NS:92684): You can save Address information that includes an apostrophe for Employees (and Members) without an error message being thrown.

7641(NS:95651): The email confirmation for a scheduled appointment is now being sent to the appropriate Service Provider without issue.


6830(NS:90993): When adding a new Vendor, references to "Members" in any header or title have been removed and replaced with Vendor.

6832(NS:91039): Vendor Names, specifically ones that include a space between words, now display properly in the Find Vendor Search.

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Feature Security Updates

This is a new feature in our release notes that was added with the release of MosoMRM 1.90. The vast majority of updates in this section will be Feature Security Permissions, any Operations (right click) and Data Security updates will also be included.

Clear Check-In Message

The permission setting for the ability to clear a check-in message is in the Checkins folder (Clear CheckIn Message).

Allow Use/Scheduling Unpaid Activities

The following permissions are BOTH required to be able to schedule and/or redeem Activities with unpaid balances: (Both are located in the Activity Management folder)

  • Allow Use/Scheduling Unpaid Activities (new)
  • Allow Scheduling/Redeeming Activities with Past Due Balances

The new Allow Use/Scheduling Unpaid Activities is required to manage any actions related to any Activities that have not already been purchased whether in an Agreement or in POS.<p> <p>Previously, the Allow Scheduling/Redeeming Activities with Past Due Balances setting gave you the ability to override the Prevent Scheduling or Activity Redemption with Past Due Bill Account setting which was in the Business Unit configuration (Scheduler tab). This setting has now been moved to the Check-In & Activity Configuration.

Manage Calendar Filters

The Manage Calendar Filters permission gives you the ability to:

  • Create a filter and assign it a Filter Name(new) that other staff members can also view.
  • Save, Edit, and Delete selected filtering options.

This permission is located in the Scheduler folder.

View Change Requests

This permission activates the Change Requests node in My Planner for Users with that specific Work Role, hence giving them the ability to view the change requests.

This permission is located in the Tasks and Opportunities folder.

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