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(Release Date: 1/27/2014)

This supplemental release and patch to MosoMRM 2.00 includes the icon_new.gif Immediate Cancellation feature for Agreements along with updates to the Moso Task Processor (MTP) and how the daily updates and payments are processed.

Immediate Cancellations

You now have the ability to cancel an Agreement immediately, regardless of any other cancellation settings you have selected. Any Agreements and Activities are cancelled as of the current date and time while any prorated refunds are calculated to the end of the day, which is unchanged.

There are no changes to the process for completing a cancellation but like all other features regarding cancellations in MosoMRM, the ability to use this feature is linked to which Cancellation Reason you select during the cancellation process.

Consequently, you must select the new Allow Immediate Cancel check box in the Rules section of the Cancellation Reasons configuration page.

The Allow Immediate Cancel check box in the Cancellation Reasons configuration.

Selecting this option, activates the Immediate Cancel check box option in Step 2 of the Cancellation Wizard ONLY IF an applicable reason was selected in the previous step.

The Immediate Cancel check box on the Cancellation Wizard.

No additional permissions are required to use this feature other than selecting which Work Roles will be allowed to use each Cancellation Reason during the configuration.

Resolved Issues


7023(NS:91874,96461): Agreements coming off Suspension are not being billed for past, unprocessed payments on the Key Item bill date. These payments are also no longer being displayed in the projected billing on the Agreements tab. This issue was with pre-existing agreements ONLY.

Also, any item in the Bundle that is not on the Key Item billing schedule is no longer being processed after the Agreement comes off of Suspension.

8062: The Payment Allocation settings (Agreement Groups) are being honored properly when the Member enters a Funding Source during the Agreement Writer process. Previously, if the Member added a new Funding Source during the process, it was not honoring the allocation split configuration and assuming 100% of the responsibility.

8179,8272: You can finalize an Agreement Rewrite without error message being thrown.

8157(NS:97058): An error message is no longer being thrown when selecting the Calculate Now link in the Agreement Details section for an Agreement with a future cancellation date. Also, a similar error generated for other specific Agreements is no longer being thrown when selecting this link (8296).

8188(NS:96878): The "Key Item Not Found" error is no longer thrown when cancelling any Agreement.

8317(NS:97401,97478): During the last step of Cancellation an Agreement, clicking the Save button multiple times as the wizard is "calculating" any refund amounts no longer creates multiple cancellation requests.

Commission Batch Management

8200(NS:97258): The "Divide by Zero" error is no longer thrown and the batch totals are accurate for cancellations.

Data Analytics

8143: PDF reports can now be exported without throwing the "HTML render is blank" error message.

Tender Analysis - This report is now grouping correctly by Workstation and displaying the correct amounts.(8176,NS:96828)

Accounts Receivable Aging - All of the totals in this report are now being accurately reported.(8190)

The performance has been optimized for the following reports:

  • Member Accounts
  • Member Information
  • Member Demographics Dimension
  • Member Notes
  • Member Interests
  • Member Account-Funding Source Changes
  • Employee Information
  • Performance Commissions
  • User Permissions
  • Organization List
  • Organization Activity

Members & Member Profile

8010(NS:95342,97061): The duplicate check feature is now working effectively for all four (4) basic data elements (First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth) when adding a new Member.

8117(NS:96817,96829,96846): The Update button on Member Profile is now functioning consistently.

8327(NS:97863,97855,97983): In the Invoices Tab on the Member Profile, the following filters are now returning the correct records:

  • Search by # (individual invoice)
  • Date Range

- Quick Search - Only Invoices with Balances

Moso Task Processor (MTP)

8231(NS:97473): The double billing issues for Agreements with a start date of the 31st of any applicable month and for those with scheduled to be billed on the 30th or 31st of any month have been corrected.

8249(NS:97589): After a payment on an Installment Agreement has been declined, the issue of the Amount Due being doubled minus the Decline Fee has been rectified.

8267: All Rebilling activities including decline payment requests, decline fee calculations, and honoring the configured min/max number of times an invoice should be rebilled are now reconciling accurately and running according to schedule.

8329(NS:98086,98186): The condition around the Pay Invoices with Balances feature that was preventing the results from being sent for authorization has been rectified. These results now display on the MosoPay transaction list.


8078: The receipt and invoices now display the accurate split amounts when a Sponsor Transfer percentage of responsibility is higher than the Members.

8160(NS:97757): Selecting any of the Date Criteria search buttons (90 Days, 4 Hours, Today, Yesterday) no longer throws an error message.

8252: The Amount Due column in the Invoices tab, and the Balance Due now display the proper amounts after a perpetual Agreement comes off Suspension. Previously, the Amount Due column was only displaying any applicable Decline Fees.

8306,8310,8311(NS:98031,98102,98201): All issues with split tender payments (e.g. debit card and credit card) or partial payments on Agreement invoices have been resolved.

If the higher amount of the split payment was paid first, followed by the lower amount, once the invoice was completed, the higher amount was applied to both tender types subsequently leaving the invoice with a credit balance.

When partial payments were made using the Pay Invoices with Balances feature in POS, the incorrect payment amounts were being applied to the invoice. An additional payment of the same amount (double payment) was also being added causing the invoice to look as if it was paid-in-full.

8284: If an overpayment is made on an existing Invoice balance which creates a credit transfer transaction (using this credit to pay other invoice balances), all related Invoices and A/R balances are now displaying accurately in the Invoices tab on the Member Profile.

8285,8344,8330: All issues with making payments on multiple invoices using the Pay Invoices with Balances feature have been corrected. No items are being left unpaid, all transactions are being accounted for, and split tender transactions are being recorded accurately.


This setting has been removed

The Combine Group Appointments setting (View menu) in the Scheduler has been removed. We have subsequently fixed issues where this and other Scheduler configuration settings were preventing you from cancelling an appointment from the calendar interface.

8135/8122(NS97015,96922,T8122): Events and appointments are being scheduled accurately, as well as payment invoices, regardless of the time zone of the Workstation.

8291: The Cancel Appointment option now displays in the Action Type drop-down list for Appointments that are scheduled the following day only.

MosoMRM 2.00 Patch B


You can register and subsequently cancel an event registration without issue if that activity was sold through an external Agreement. This is applicable in both the Events tab and in Scheduler.(8211)


Member Profiles, specifically the Information, Accounts, and Agreements tabs, are loading without issue. These issues were only occurring if an invalid Country Code had been entered on the profile.

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