MosoMRM 1.86




(Release Date: 2/28/2013)

MosoMRM 1.86 is a patch that includes multiple refinements to the SQS, error message and performance clean up, and some minor enhancements to existing features and functionality:

Resolved Issues

Reports & Launch Pad

New Reports


Updated Reports

(Alphabetical Order)

There have been performance upgrades to the following reports:

  • Activity Liability (5180)
  • Agreement Sales (5181)

Agreement Writer

5152: When adding a corporate or family Add-OnService Agreement, all of the search parameters in the Choose the primary field are properly working.


5200: The issue of the system timing out when adding a Member using a non-administrator log-in has been rectified.

5206: The error message when attempting to set or update Operation Security permissions on the Member profile has been rectified.

5217: This issue of the incorrect error message being displayed when attempting to add a Duplicate Card ID has been corrected.

Moso myClub

5189/5213: Username and Password fields in Moso myClub are now URL encoded, which corrects the log-in and password reset issues that were occurring.


5136: You MUST have System Administrator permissions to view the Individual Permissions tab on the Employee Profile. If you do not have System Administrator permissions, the tab is completely removed from the profile.

Technical Information

The following data changes have been made to the SQS (Simple Queue Service):

  • The State Abbreviation is being sent in lieu of the State ID Code. (5170)
  • The Barcodes are being sent as a Null in lieu of a Blank field.(5196)
  • The Status Changes are now part of the exchange. (5197)

5189: Username and Password fields in Moso myClub are now URL encoded. Both fields are wrapped in an encodeURIComponent() before being submitted. This corrects the log-in issues that were occurring.

5157(NS:83325): The API is updating the Billing Account Status for External Accounts and Members who have a balance. Consequently, Members with an outstanding Account balance are being properly alerted at Check-In.

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