MosoMRM 1.80




(Release Date: 11/28/2012)

MosoMRM 1.80 includes multiple icon_new.gif features as well as an array of upgrades and additions to existing functionality:

There have also been upgrades and additions to Events and the Scheduler.

A new feature for each major release will be the inclusion of a "Post Release Check List" section. This will give you a quick list of the settings within your MosoMRM system that you should review to ensure that the transition to the new features and functionality is efficient and transparent to your daily operations. It will include things like:

Cancellation Reasons

Add a flag to Cancel Reasons "Admin Adjustment" this will enable filtering on Cancel reports to weed out all of the cancels that were done due to a Admin Eidt where the agreement had to be cancelled and a new agreement to be sold to the member.

Childcare Services

Icon Childcare.png

Childcare functionality has been added to MosoMRM giving you the ability to configure and manage any Childcare Services you may have at your club or facility. Children are added as non-member add-ons directly and exclusively on the primary Member's (or Guardian's) Member Profile page. Any additional designated Guardians but they must already have a Profile in the database. In turn, children can also be designated on their Profile as well.

A separate Childcare Check-In is available to facilitate managing the services and the accountability of the children. To activate this feature and place the icon in the Launch Pad, you must select the Allow Dependent Configuration when setting up your designated Workstation configuration. In Childcare Check-In, you can:

  • Check-In and Check-Out procedures.
  • Each individual child that is currently checked in at any given moment, as well as any children that have been recently checked-out, are highlighted on the interface.
  • Any Allergies or Special Needs of each child are displayed as well as each child's age and Birthday.
  • Special Check-Out Instructions can also be added for each child.

The Children tab has been added to the Member Profile, which is where all of the children's information is added including, Guardians, Allergies, and Special Needs. Multiple configuration items have also been added including:

  • Childcare Setup - This is where you configure the Allergies and Special Needs that you select when you add a Child.
  • Childcare Configuration - This is is where you set up the requirements and default values and for your Childcare Services, Children and their Guardians.

While Childcare primarily gives you access to the facility or services, it must be configured as a Service Item Type. When setting up the Service Item, you MUST select the Allow Childcare Check-In check box to activate the Item in Childcare Check-In. Click HERE to see some Childcare Item Setup examples. These item can then be added to Bundles and Agreements.

Downloads in System Configuration

The Downloads page is a list of available downloads to run specific features available in MosoMRM including Signature Capture and Door Access Control.


The Event Code text box has been added to the Details tab when adding an Event Type. This further identifies the Event and since Events can have multiple Items redeemed against them, this helps in organizing the export process.

The Attendance column has been added to the Event Instances section. This is a manually entered field where you can enter a count of individuals that were present at an Event both preregistered and walk-ins.

You can also enter the count from the Scheduler. When you select the Event on the Calendar, the Update Attendance option has been added to the Action Types drop-down list. Click Go to open the Event Occurrence Attendance pop-up window, click in the Attendance field for the particular Instance and enter the count.

Gift Cards

You can now issue, redeem, and manage Gift Cards.

Gift Cards can be sold (issued) as a standard, standalone item either in Point of Sale or in a Bundle or as additional item in the Agreement Writer.

To configure Gift Card functionality:

  1. Create a Gift Card Category for use in POS (optional but recommended).
  2. Create a Gift Card Tender Type and select the Gift Card Tender Interface. This is required for redemption process.
  3. Create Gift Card items in Item Setup. A new Gift Card Item Type has been added.
    1. Add the Price of the Gift Card, which is also the equivalent of the Gift Card "value".
    2. After you add a Price, set the Gift Card Restrictions.
  4. Gift Card Numbers are added during the issuing process in POS. If you are using Gift Cards with magnetic strips, the Tender Interface includes a swipe option or you can manually enter the Number using the touch pad or your keyboard.
  5. Redeeming a Gift Card is done using a standard Tender Type in POS, including during the Agreement Writer process, or as a Back Office payment.

Other features include:

  • The Check Balance button on the Tender Interface gives you the ability to view the Amount on the card, the Amount that can be applied to the balance of the transaction, and what the remaining balance will be should this Gift Card be used in the transaction.
  • Managing Gift Cards - The Gift Card Management pop-up window is feature is available in POS and on the toolbar of the Member Profile.
    • You can Search for Gift Cards by Date Range and in POS, you can also search by the Gift Card Number, Member Name, and Member ID.
    • The top section of the window displays the basic information for each issued Gift Card, including the current balance.
    • The bottom section chronicles all of the transactions for that specific card. To display the bottom section, simply click the Gift Card record in the top section.

Member Configuration

You can now add up to a four (4) letter Prefix to the Member ID Number in Member Configuration. This Prefix gives you the ability to more easily recognize the Member's or Customer's home club or the the club where they originally joined, bases on how you configure your hierarchy e.g. If the ID Number sequence starts at "1000" for the "Dayton" Business Unit with a "DAY" Prefix configured, the first Member/Customer at that club would have a Member ID of "DAY1000" with all of the remaining Members having that same Prefix and new numbers based on the Auto Increment you entered.

Moso myClub

When a Member creates an Account in Moso myClub they can now use their Member ID or any Card Numbers to log into system.

PIN Code Requirements

You are REQUIRED to enter your PIN Code to start the following Transactions, even if you are the currently logged-in User:

  • Pulling up a Member or Adding an Item (whether a Member is selected or not) in POS.
  • Making a Payment in the Invoices tab on the Member Profile.

If you are not the currently logged-in User, you will be prompted to enter your PIN and at that point, you will temporarily be changed to the logged-in User for the duration of the transaction, including your permissions at that specific Workstation.

The new User will be the default Sales Person for the items added in the transaction should a commission payment be involved.

You will revert back to the originally logged-in User when the transaction is Finalized or Cancelled or either of these screens are closed without completion of the transaction.

Qualified Members

Qualified Members is the term that distinguishes "Members" and "Non-Members" in your database. The primary purpose for the delineation is to give you the ability to offer preferred or "qualified" PRICING to specific Members.

The difference is based on the level of their active Agreements and noted by their Member Status.

  • Qualified Members ("Members") are Members who have an Agreement, or are eligible to purchase an Agreement that gives them Membership into the club.
  • Non-Members are other regular "Customers" who are in your database and may use your facility or services, but do not have a qualifying Agreement. Other examples of Non-Members include former Members, prospects, Physical Therapy patients, Non-Members using your Personal Trainers or services, etc.

This is primarily a POS functionality. A Bundle and Bundle Price can be configured for Qualified Members. However, the pricing applies to Paid-In-Full (PIF) options ONLY and does NOT work its way down into Installment or Perpetual Billing.

The Qualified Members Only check box can be selected during Item and Bundle Setup. If you select this option, the item can ONLY be sold to Qualified Members.

This also applies to setting up Agreements, which is the most important determinant to who qualifies as a Member or Non-Member. If you select the Owner Qualifies as Member check box when setting up the Agreement, the Individual that purchases that Agreement will qualify as a Member. The Only Available to Qualified Members means you must already be a Qualified Member to purchase this specific Agreement e.g. a Locker Agreement.


Booking Restriction Settings

Two (2) new settings have been added to the Scheduler tab in the Business Unit configuration, both relate to adding Late Registrations to an Appointment or Event.

  1. Pre-Appt Booking Restriction (hrs) - This restriction applies to ONLINE booking ONLY in Moso myClub. Enter the number of hours prior to the start of an Event or Appointment that an individual can book online e.g. a Member can not book online within "2" hours of the start time.
  2. Post-Appt Booking Restriction (hrs) - This restriction applies to booking through the Scheduler ONLY and gives you the ability to backdate an Event or Appointment booking. Enter the number of hours after a service has ended you will allow individuals to be booked into that service e.g. you can add a late registrant up to "4" hours after the conclusion of the Event or Appointment.

These replace the Online Schedule Start option, which has been removed from this configuration.

Allowing Dependents as Attendees

The Dependents of Members can now be the actual attendees for an Appointment or Event in MosoMRM and Moso myClub.

The Attendee field has been added to the Add Registration pop-up window giving you the ability to select a Dependent, IF the Member (Customer field) has Children added to their Profile. If they do not, the field is inactive.

This also is available on the Create Appointment pop-up on the Scheduler. The Choose Attendee field will only display if you select a Member that has Children/Dependents on their Profile.

Signature Capture Devices

MosoMRM is now compatible for specific Signature Capture devices that can be used for processing credit or debit card transactions at POS or for Agreements.

Click HERE for the system requirements to configure a signature capture device.

These are the required steps to prepare MosoMRM for using either signature capture device.

  1. Download and unzip the Installation Package from MosoMRM. During this process you will select which hardware device you are using.
  2. Extract the Installation Package that are required to operate the signature capture devices.
  3. Configure items in MosoMRM that include:
    1. Workstations
    2. Template Configuration
    3. Tender Types

Post Release Check List

This is a check list of areas to inspect and ensure have been configured in the appropriate manner to ensure that MosoMRM 1.80 is transparently and efficiently deployed.

  1. Staff Work Roles
    1. Set Permissions for all of the new setup pages.
      1. Childcare Configuration
      2. Childcare Setup
    2. Set Permissions for new functionality
      1. Reinstating an Expired Activity in Activity Management
      2. View Childcare Check-In screen,
      3. Add and Update Childcare Check-in item
      4. Members
        1. Add, View, Update Children
        2. Collect Agreement Signature
    3. Data Security - Assign permissions to Children records
  2. Reports accessibility (folder location)
    1. Childcare reports (Childcare)
    2. Gift Card Reports (Financial)
  3. Workstation Setup
    1. Signature Device
    2. Require PIN For Payment (For POS and Payment transactions)
    3. Allow Childcare Check-In
  4. Gift Cards
    1. Tender Types Setup (including Tender Interface
    2. Select Staff Work Roles with permissions to use Gift Card tender
    3. Item Setup
  5. Qualified Members (Members vs Non-Members)
    1. Agreement Setup
      1. Clear Owner Qualifies as Member check box from Service and Guest Agreements.
      2. Select the Only Available to Qualified Members check box for Agreements that should only be sold to Members.
    2. Bundle Setup and Item Setup
      1. Select the Qualified Members Only check-box for Bundles that should only be sold to Members.
      2. Enter Qualified Pricing for applicable Members (Paid-In-Full prices ONLY for Bundles)
  6. Signature Capture
    1. Download and unzip the Installation Package from the Downloads page in MosoMRM System Configuration. During this process you will select which hardware device you are using.
    2. Assign them to a directory.
    3. Extract the Installation Package with the required software and other applications that are required to operate the signature capture devices.
    4. Install Devices on selected workstations
    5. Configure items in MosoMRM to enable the devices in POS and for Agreements including: Workstations, Tender Types, and Agreement Templates
      1. Review templates
      2. Provide a spreadsheet to MosoMRM Support with the Agreement PDF template, including:
        1. Name of the template
        2. Name of each signature field on template
        3. Provide text to appear on signature device prompt

Resolved Issues

Reports & Launch Pad

A New Locker Panel has been added to the dashboard.

A Reporting view of Funding Sources has been created in the Report Builder ("rpt_FundingSources"). (4306,NS:74849)

New Reports

Childcare List - This report lists all of the Children based on location or their primary Guardian. Allergies and Special Needs are provided, as are the names of any other Guardians for each child. Use the filters to specify the location or the dates the Child/Guardian relationship was started.

Childcare Activity - This report uses Check-In information to calculate activity and time spent at the facility based on each Child, Date, or Location.

Childcare Roster - This report lists all of the Children that are currently checked into your facility as well as any special Check-Out Instructions. This report may also be used to view the current day’s roster or the check-ins for a specified date range.

Gift Card Sales - This report provides a list of all Gift Cards that were sold within the entered date range. You can view balance and invoice information for each gift card, grouped by location, or card number.

Gift Card Redemption - This report provides information about all actions made on a Gift Card i.e any action that change the value of the card. This can also be grouped by location and item, or by Gift Card.

Gift Card Liability - This report gives you the ability to view a financial overview of each Gift Card either sold or redeemed in the specified date range or sold prior to a given date.

Updated Reports

(Alphabetical by Report)

Agreement Expirations/Obligations - The report no longer populates with data outside the specified expiration/obligation date range criteria. (4229,NS:76509)

Agreement Suspensions - The error message when generating this report has been corrected. Also, the issue of of multiple records being created in the database as a result of this error has been corrected, (4083,4403,4309,NS:76928)

Billing-Auto Pay Results - The declined amounts now display as negative values. (4321,NS:72339)

Bundle List - The headers now carry over to all pages of the report. (4488,NS:72920)

Customer Activity - The Member Lookup search filter has been added. (4489,NS:71600)

Enterprise Management - There has been a complete restructuring to the body of the report.

Member Statements - Some new Date Options have been added. The Invoices Without a Balance option allows you to print complete $0 Member statements.

Post Billing Detail: The Count value now displays as a numeric value when exporting the report to excel. This was not an issue when viewing the standard report in MosoMRM and for a PDF export. (4099,NS:75520)

Sales Analysis:

  • The Discount column is now included in both Accounting Type reports (Cash and Accrual). Previously, the Discount column only displays for Accrual reports. (4102,NS:75481)

  • The Excel version of the Summary View no longer exports a blank file and functions correctly. (4484,NS:77669)

Transaction List - The PDF export and browser preview is no longer duplicating data and breaking similar data out into two (2) columns. (4322,NS:76914)


4460 (NS:77855): The issue of a Service Agreement expiring immediately after being sold due to the "Unlimited" setting being selected in the Valid For field in the Item Setup has been rectified.

Agreement Writer

4097 (NS:75748): The Select Agreement Group drop-down list has been expanded to display the entire name of the Agreement Group. This was also done for the Choose the Primary field when selling an Add-On Agreement.

Bundle Setup

4422 (NS:76395): The Copy Price feature now creates a unique price that is not tied back into the original price.

4318, 4457(NS:76962,77342): When adding an initial Bundle Price, the Allow PIF check box for first item check box no longer gets selected, or cleared if already selected, when that check box is selected for any other items.

Data Security

4093 (NS:75516): The slow response time issue when being click-happy with the mouse has been resolved.


4341/4344 (NS:76247): (CHROME ONLY) The issue of a new Member's birthday displaying one (1) day earlier than the date entered in the New Member Information window has been corrected. This has also been fixed when adding a new Staff Member.

4339 (NS:77258,77366): The issue of an empty Edit Funding Source window displaying, or edits reverting back to the previous data, has been corrected.

4353 (NS:77268): In the Funding Sources on this Account section in the Accounts tab on the Member Profile, the row alignment and overlapping display issues have been rectified. This was only occurring if an Account is Invalid or On Account is set to Yes in a minimum resolution setting of 1280x800.

Locker Rentals

4334 (NS:77242): The Tool Tips for Locker Rental Setup and Locker Setup configuration pages have been updated.

MosoPay & Moso Task Processor

4537 (NS:78165): The Moso Task Processor will skip any Reversal record that was manually processed. Reversals using the Reverse Payment feature in POS were processed as declined in the Moso Task Processor but displaying as paid in the Member record.


4316 (NS:76971): in the Organization Configuration, the issue of any Postal/Phone/Email Types changes/updates not being saved after clicking the Update and Done buttons has been corrected.

4389,4400 (NS:77341): The issue of no information loading on the Add or Edit Parties on this Account page, which subsequently prohibits adding any new parties and any corporate Add-Ons as well, has been fixed.


4118: The error message now displays at the top of the screen when closing a shift and navigation to POS from the Agreement Writer, Member Profile to make or reverse a Payment. Previously it was a pop-up in the middle of the screen.

4399 (NS:77049): The issue of not being able to process a credit card when a Merchant Account code is not set at the Workstation has been corrected. This was occurring for transactions during the Agreement Writer process ONLY, not for a standard POS transaction.

Redemption Rules

4323 (NS:76830): The issue of the system creating duplicate rules when when creating multiple rules in one session has been rectified. This was only occurring when the multiple rules were being created without reloading the page after saving.

Template Configuration

4446 (NS:77895): A new scroll bar has been added to access the Save button in the recommended minimum resolution setting (1280x800).

System Configuration

4101/4107 (NS:76537): The Done and Reload buttons now work properly on all configuration pages.

4227: On the Divisions page, the Edit button displays only after a record is selected. This makes this page consistent with other pages in the application.

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