MosoMRM 1.70




(Released: 09/28/2012)

MosoMRM 1.70 includes theseicon_new.gif features as well as an array of upgrades within existing functionality:

Locker Rental

You now have the ability to create an inventory of the available Lockers at your club or facility, apply specific Values to each of those lockers, and manage them accordingly.

Two (2) new items have been added to System Configuration:

Lockers are configured by the following Values, and then assigned by Number:

  • Area - The designated places in each facility where lockers are located e.g. Men's Locker Room, Women's Locker Room, Hallway, etc.
  • Bank - A section, or subsection, of lockers within each of the areas.
  • Category - Is a specific locker (not number) that you may choose within an area or bank e.g. Corner, End, Middle, etc.
  • Size - The specific size and/or shape of each locker available at your club e.g. Large, Tall, Cube, Standard, etc.

After you configure the Lockers, you can set up Rental Items in Item Setup and then subsequently add them to a Bundle to be sold in an Agreement or pending on how you configured that item, sell it at POS. Lockers can then be assigned randomly or specifically based on your pricing, area, or other available criteria or filter you add to the Locker Rental setup.

The Lockers tab has been added to the Member Profile. This stores all of the pertinent information regarding your locker rental including:

  • The Rental Item that you purchased.
  • The locker Number and Combination.
  • The locker Values.
  • The Expiration Date of your rental purchase.
    The Lockers tab on the Member Profile.

Password Strength Requirements

You can not use any of your last four (4) passwords when changing your password.

The Minimum Password Length is now eight (8) characters. However, if you had a seven (7) character password prior to this release it is still valid UNLESS you make any edits to your Enterprise Security Configuration settings. If you do make any changes to those settings, you will be required to reset the Minimum Password Length field to eight (8) or higher prior to saving those changes.

Editing Funding Sources

The Edit check boxes have been removed from the editing process in lieu of an "EDITED" alert. This alert will pop up when editing the Card Number and/or Expiration Date ONLY, to alert you that these are important, payment-related edits.

Also, you can edit and save credit card information even if the card is expired, though you will get a warning message during the process.

Portal Configuration

Four (4) new features have been added to Portal Configuration, three (3) of which are related to Sales & Prospecting. You now have the ability to:

  1. Select a Lead Source to identify the medium in which the lead was generated for a Member, Prospective Member, or Agreement sale.
  2. Create a new Opportunity when a prospective Member uses a Free Trial or purchases a promotional Agreement online using Moso myClub.
  3. Create a new Task as it relates to a specific Agreement.
  4. The ability to Reset the previous Payment Options you had selected for an Agreement.

Item Setup

Once an Item has been sold for the first time, the Item Type (Access, Service Rental, Product, Fee) on that Item can not be changed.

Member Agreements Tab

The Projected Billing section in the Agreement Details now displays the Amounts in three (3) columns:

  1. Member $ - This is the amount for the Primary Member, i.e. the "Owner" of the Agreement.
  2. Sponsor $ - This is the amount for the party that is sponsoring the individual Member. This will primarily be either the Corporate Primary or the Add-on in a Family Agreement
  3. Total $ - This column will always be the sum of the previous two columns.

This will give you the ability to display the Billing Amounts should there be any "split payments" for an Agreement. If there is a split payment configured for an Agreement, you will see Billing Amounts in all three (3) columns based on that percentage split. If the Primary or Sponsor has a 100% allocation, you will see that Billing Amount ONLY in that appropriate column.

Member Accounts Tab

The User Interface has been redesigned for the Account and Funding Source information sections on the Accounts tab on the Member Profile page.

New Default Account display in the Accounts tab.

Cancelling Add-on Agreements

When cancelling an Add-on Agreement with a refund, only Funding Sources associated with the Add-on will be available for selection during the cancellation process.

  • If 100% of the refund is due to the Add-on Member, only their Funding Sources will display and they will be refunded the required amount.
  • If there is a split (see Example below), the Add-on Member's Funding Sources will display and the remainder of the refund will be returned as Credit On Account to the Sponsor.
  • If the Add-on Member is cancelling their Agreement and they are 100% Sponsored (Organization or Corporation), the refund will be returned as Credit On Account to that Sponsor.

Also, for Organizations that may not have Credit Card information available, you can now refund to a Manual Funding Source.

EXAMPLE: There is a Corporate Agreement with an 80/20% split (Corporation/Add-0n) and the Add-on Agreement is cancelling with a refund amount of $100.

  • The Add-on Member's Funding Source will display during the process and you will refund $20 through the selected Funding Source.
  • The remaining $80 will be credited the account of the Corporation.

Resolved Issues

Reports & Launch Pad

The Data Analytics page has been reformatted along with some functional changes:

  1. The Edit Report, Launch Report, and Set Permissions for this Report features have been moved to the right panel.
    1. The Edit button will only be enabled if you have the proper permissions to make changes to the Report Name.
    2. The Edit panel will only be displayed after you select the Edit button on the current report.
  2. You can search on both the Title and Description of the report in the tree view in the left navigation panel. The search results will filter the non-matching elements out of the tree.

3188 (NS:69459): (Chrome ONLY) You can now arrange the dashboard panels to allow more than one column in the Dashboard settings.

3561 (NS:71558,75050): You can edit all Dashboard Panel Reports.

Member reports: The Set Permissions for this Report option is no longer disabled (grayed out) on all reports. (4188)

Member Information report: This report will open properly when you click the specific bar in the bar graph on the Launch Pad. (3898)

New Reports

All three (3) of these new reports are in the Locker And Rentals category.

  • Locker Inventory - This report displays all lockers that have been set up in MosoMRM with their current status. You can also view a locker area summary or see a detail of all lockers within each locker area.
  • Locker Availability - This report displays a list of all lockers based on their locker status. You can select which option to view: lockers that are currently available for rental, lockers that are currently rented, or a list of all lockers with their current availability.
  • Rental Agreements - This report displays a list of all rental Agreements (initiated, obligated, expired, or active) during a selected date range. This report may be filtered by locker location and Agreement information. Invoice and Agreement details are also available.

Updated Reports

(Alphabetical by Report)

Organization List: This report now displays all organizations, not just Organizations that have Add-on Agreements. (4195)

Post Billing Summary: Payment Amounts and Payment Counts are now calculating correctly. (4173)

Task Management: The Task Type selection filter is now functioning correctly. When generating the report, only the selected Task Type displays. (3894)

General Information

3904: The Canadian Provinces have been added to the following pages. You can add and save a Canadian address with the appropriate postal code:

4106: (Chrome Only) The scroll bars no longer display on the Add Credit Card page.


4156 (NS:75785,75767,75726,76711): The Agreement "Preview" in the bottom portion of the Agreements tab is now working properly.

4121 (NS:75242): When a Suspended Agreement is cancelled, the Status remains as "Cancelled" after you update the Member. Previously, it was returning to an "Active" Status after the Update.

4212: You can do a Future Cancellation on a split or fully sponsored Member Agreement even if the Primary does not have a Credit Card Funding Source.

4088: When cancelling an Add-on Agreement with a split, Invoice information now displays in both of the Invoice tabs (Sponsor and Add-on).

4053: After doing a Search on the Add New Agreement page, the issue of the last Item check box in the returned list not being selected when you click the Select All button has been rectified.

Agreement Templates

4092 (NS:75332): The issue of Today's Date populating instead of the first Billing Date has been resolved. Also, the agreement.firstbillingdate field has been removed from the list.

Agreement Writer

3791 (NS:73456): The Agreement "Preview" prior to printing an Agreement after it is sold is functioning properly.

3927 (NS:75895): You can now use the Back button when editing an Agreement that includes BOTH a zero (0) dollar initial payment and a Manual Funding Source without an error message being thrown.

3863: The list of Agreement Groups in the Select Agreement Group drop-down list now displays in alphabetical order.

4086: An Installment Option can be selected even when a default option has not been configured.

Bundle Setup

3899: The Max. Price for a Bundle must be greater than or equal to the actual Item Price.

Data Import

2821: The issue of the Redeem at Purchase Location Only flag being ignored (automatically cleared) during the import process, making all Agreements redeemable at all Business Units, has been corrected due to the inclusion of the Redemption Rules.

Decline Reasons Mapping

4082 (NS:75529): The issue of some mapped Decline Codes in the database not being brought over from a production site to a local environment has been rectified.


4095 (NS:75786): You can preview the PDF version of an Agreement without issue.

4170 (70110): You can no longer update a Card ID number to a value that already exists for another Member.

4194: A Projected Billing amount of Zero dollars ($0) will now display for Add-on Agreements if the Primary is 100% responsible for payment.

3288: The Member Status now displays correctly for each Member when doing a Search.

3950: The Manage Account? check box must be selected on the Add or Edit Parties on this Account page for the added Party to be able to edit any information on the Account.

4115: Clicking the Save button multiple times , or double-clicking quickly, in the Suspension Wizard will no longer create identical, duplicate Suspensions.

4117: The message that displays when you attempt to make a Payment in a Shift that is closed has been reworded. The message now reads: "This Workstation must be part of a Shift to perform this transaction. Please open a shift, or join an existing shift to continue."

Moso myClub

4070 (74972): The Asterisk (*) noting that the email field is required on the Join Now page has been moved to the correct location.

MosoPay & Moso Task Processor

4179: The Forecasting Values are now calculating properly in the Financial Configuration.

My Planner

3540: The ability to sort the Status and Due Date columns by ascending or descending order when you click the column header now works correctly.


4108: The Add User(s) button on Operation Security Settings window no longer gets cut off.


4123: The issue of the function buttons occasionally displaying at the top of the screen has been rectified.

3288: All Transactions, regardless of where or how they are generated (POS, Back Office, Payment Reversal, Return), are now recorded on the Shift report.

Portal Configuration

4069 (75511): The issue of the Portal Configuration page not displaying completely when being selected from the System Configuration menu has been rectified. This was not an issue however, if selected through the Search menu in the left navigation panel.

Staff & Users

4171: The Reset Password pop-up now closes immediately after saving the settings for a new password.

4213: The Password Question and Password Answer fields are now required for re-setting a password

4214: The Unsuccessful Log In Attempts field on the User Access tab on Employee Profile page is now populating properly when an incorrect password is entered in the log-in process.

4103: An error message is no longer thrown when saving User Access information on the Employee Profile page.

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