MosoMRM 1.52




Release Date: 7/23/2012

This patch focuses primarily on upgrades to Agreements and Billing and Data Analytics (Reports):

Agreement Sales and Billing

  • Item Duration
    • If an item is setup for a duration shorter than its Billing Schedule it will only be billed once in that Billing period and the Status will no longer go to Depleted e.g. if an Access or Service item that has a Valid For setting of "1 Day" with a "Monthly on the 1st" Billing Schedule, it will only be invoiced on the 1st of the month and then change to a Depleted Status by the end of the day. At that point, the Agreement will not be billed until the next month’s Billing.
  • The initial Start Date and the Billing Schedule of an Agreement are now synchronized, eliminating the issue of an Agreement going to a Depleted Status prior to that first Billing.
    • Prorating and/or back dating the Agreement start date during the initial sale, e.g. An Agreement sold on July 7th but the Start Date is backdated to June 15th with a Billing Schedule on on the 1st of the month. In this case, July 1st is the earliest that this Agreement can be backdated.
    • Agreements sold on the last day of the month with a "Monthly Anniversary Billing Schedule" if the next month had 31 days.
    • A script will now run on all tenant Databases to identify Agreements that will be double-billed due to Activity durations being short. (3654)

SOLUTION...Do NOT backdate any Agreement prior to the last date that it would would have been billed!

Data Analytics (Reports)

  • Reports no longer automatically load the data and run when selected in Data Analytics.
  • When you select a report, you must select the criteria from the available filters and click the “Generate Report” button to run the report.

Agreement Writer

3558 (NS:71627): Prorated amounts are calculating properly for a backdated Agreement across all Billing Schedules.

3648/3659 (NS:72312): Activity start and end dates are now synchronized with all Billing Schedules.

Cancellation Processing

3683: A Cancelled Agreement no longer remains active with the following specific conditions during the cancellation process:

  1. A Payment was taken against a future Payment Request before the cancellation.
  2. A Cancellation Reason with a refund is used.
  3. The Bundle/Items are NOT refunded in full.

3682: The issue of the Qty Cancelling and Qty Available fields in the Cancellation Wizard displaying improper numeric figures has been rectified. This was also only occurring with the above conditions (1 and 2 only).

Decline & Reversal Reasons

3655 (NS:72667): The proper values for Chargeback Fee and NSF Fee are being saved correctly.

General Configuration

2980 (NS:67866,63771): You can now add a Logo at the Business Unit level in General Configuration.


3586 (NS:71586): The Hold option now displays in the (Suspension) Type drop-down list in the Suspension Wizard.

3252 (NS:68798,70965): A Member's Credit Limits in the Accounts tab on their Member Profile are now synchronized with those same values in the Add or Edit Parties on this Account" pop-up window.

3670 (NS:72516): The error when cancelling and imported Agreement has been corrected.

3553 (NS:71515): You can now update or enter a new Member in the Referred By field on the Member Profile page.

3564: Only the applicable options now display when Cancelling an Appointment in the Appointments tab on the Member Profile.

3660 (NS:72693): Both the Credit Card Number and (Credit Card) Expiration (MM/YYYY) fields now have their own Edit check box, giving you the ability to edit and save one or both of those fields on a Funding Source.

MosoPay and Billing

3658: If an Access or Service item is setup for a duration shorter then it’s billing schedule it will only be billed ONCE in the billing period.

3618 (NS:71979): Edited re-billing schedules are being saved properly instead of reverting back to the original schedule. Also, the main Billing Cycle can be set as re-billing.

3634 (NS:72309): The Moso Task Processor (MTP) is now synchronized with future Billing and Activities. The issue of a Payment running twice on back dated Agreements when running the MTP with the "/SyncSchedule" command has been resolved.

Moso myClub

3526: You can now book up to the maximum number of Appointments (Service Item) based on the Max Customer Appointments that are configured for that specific item.

3656 (NS:72697): The date selection issues in the Join Now process have been corrected:

  • You can select the Current Date for the Agreement
  • You can no longer select a future date for Date of Birth (DOB).

Permissions and Security

3557 (NS:71479): A User no longer needs the proper individual Feature Security Permissions ("Update a party account") to Edit a Funding Source if their Work Role has that permission already selected.

Point of Sale

3593 (NS:72200): You can now make a Payment on a Payment Request when the following conditions exist:

  1. There is more than one item in Bundle
  2. Each of those Items in the Bundle is linked to a different Billing Schedule.

3647: You must have a Merchant Account Code set up for each Workstation where Credit Card Transactions are executed. If that code is not properly configured an error message displays. That error message ("500 You do not have a merchant account code configured for this workstation") has been reworded to clarify why the Transaction can not be finalized.

2984 (NS:67067,67868): You can now open the Cash Drawer without printing a receipt. This required configurations for this operation are in bothPOS and Workstations.

Portal Configuration

3507: The Key Item drop-down list has been renamed to Bundle Item, since that is what you are selecting during this required step of configuring an Agreement for online sale.

Sales Force Automation (My Planner)

3485: The spelling error in the error message when a User does not have the proper permissions to Assign Tasks has been corrected.

3486: The Assign Tasks to Self and Assign Tasks to Others options have been added to Operations Security.

Scheduler and Events

3559/3560: The error message when deleting a Multiple Instances, Single Date Event (Add Multiple button) has been resolved. You can no longer select another Instance to delete until the previous deletion is completed.

3676: Any User Select Additional Time added to a Service booked in Moso myClub radio button displays properly on the Scheduler Calendar.

3688: The error message when selecting an Event Type when adding an Event has been corrected.

3680: (Chrome ONLY) You can now remove an incomplete Appointment in the Scheduler without an error message being thrown. Also, this only applies to Appointments scheduled online in Moso myClub}.

3691: The performance issue (speed) when loading Events has been rectified.

3355: An Appointment (Service) is no longer "blocking itself" from being rescheduled within the duration time of that Appointment e.g. if a 30-minute Appointment was scheduled at 2:15 pm, you could not reschedule it for 2:30 or 2:00 pm. The Appointment was "blocking itself" from being moved to either of those times.

3577: You will now receive notification from the proper email address that was configured in the Business Unit when cancelling an Appointment and/or Event.

3657 (NS:72553): (Chrome ONLY) The issue of not being able to enter text in the Subject field when blocking a time has been corrected.

3666: When using the "Pay now and redeem" feature in Scheduler to redeem one unit of a Service with multiple units e.g. PT 5-pack, the proper number of units is being redeemed and displayed in Activity Management.

3357: When moving an Appointment using the drag and drop feature to a time that has past, the pop-up message has been reworded and clarified, notifying you that you can not reschedule this Appointment for this time.

3451: When an Appointment has a lead-in time, the hover over Tool Tip now displays the correct times based on that configured lead-in time.

2645: The Edit Appointment page that is used when blocking time has been renamed to Block Time.


Reports no longer automatically run when selected in Data Analytics. (3616,3128,3130,3136)

All of the drill down sub-reports are now running properly. (3677)

The Activity Liability report has been created. (3224)

  • This report lists all pre-sold Access and Service items and all deferred revenue associated with each item type.
  • The report can be filtered by date range and an "as of date" range, which gives a snapshot of the deferred revenue for that item as of that date.
  • Other filters include; Item Category, Availability and Unit or Time Based items, or both (NOTE: if you select Time Based Items they must be set to Unlimited Units and Unit Based Items must have an Item count other than unlimited).

(Alphabetical by Report)

Agreement Initiation: The Next Bill Date and Next Bill Amounts (along with the total) have been added to the report. Also, a multi-select option has been added for Bundles and you can group by Salesperson. (3096)

Billing Declines:

  • This report has been renamed to Billing Batch Declines.
  • The "MOSOPay Batch ID" column, group, and filter have been added.

Customer Activity:

  • The total Amount (Fees) for a multiple date event now report properly. (3524)
  • The Event Start Times now report on local time. (3689)
  • The Employee Name now prints properly in both Totals columns. (3690)

Daily Employee Schedule: Only the Event, not the registrants, display when the Resource for that Event is an Employee. (2627)

Scheduled Service Revenue: The total Amount for Service items now report properly. (3104, NS:68696)

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