MosoMRM 1.50




MosoMRM 1.50 includesicon_new.gif:

  • Sales Force Automation - This is a means of organizing, prioritizing, and tracking all sales Opportunities throughout your entire Enterprise or at a specific Location.
  • Online Scheduler - This feature gives you the ability to schedule Services and Events online through your Moso myClub Member Portal. Also, Events have been added to the Modules list and displays in the left navigation panel.
  • The Scheduler Options have been simplified and scaled down to what is applicable in MosoMRM.
  • MosoMRM now supports external door controllers, giving Members the ability to access specific parts (doors) of the club by scanning their membership card or other device.

Agreement Writer Permissions

Agreement Writer permissions have been added to the Feature Security Permissions section on the Work Roles page.

Previously, you had to go to the Agreement Writer and subsequently set the security permissions while you were on the page. Now, you can set them when adding Work Roles during System Configuration.

Member Accounts

The Show All Accounts check box has been added to the Accounts tab on the Member Profile. This gives you the ability to display inactive as well as active Accounts (3248,NS:70520).

Notifications Tab

The Notifications Tab has been added to the Member Profile page. This configures the email and SMS (text messaging) reminder time settings for that member.

Open Cash Drawer in POS

The Open Drawer button has been added to the Point of Sale user interface. This gives you the ability to open the cash drawer without finalizing a Transaction. You must have the proper Java Applet enabled on your device to activate the button and select Yes in the Enable Print Applet column in the Workstations Configuration for the the proper setting. Anytime the cash drawer is open using this feature, it is recorded in the Shift Report. (3279)

Existing Cancellation Requests

The Entered By column has been added to the Cancellation Requests form. This gives you the ability to quickly see who entered the request for audit purposes.

Sales Force Automation

This is where a qualified sales Opportunity is created in MosoMRM and placed into your sales pipeline where it is now actionable and assigned to a specific User or Work Role. Opportunities can be created and entered manually or added when a prospective Member signs up for a Free Trial online through the Moso myClub portal.

The My Planner icon has been added to the left navigation panel. Two (2) additional System Configuration items have also been added to the Sales and Prospecting section:

The Permission structure is a critical element when setting up My Planner. The Permissions you select determine which Users or Work Roles have access to certain information and functionality in My Planner.

Hence, you should set up the My Planner features in the following order:

  1. Security Permissions
  2. Lead Sources
  3. Opportunity Setup
  4. Task Setup

(NOTE: The latter two are interchangeable.)

Online Scheduler

The Online Scheduler feature has been added to the Moso myClub online portal. This applies to both Services and Events. Two (2) additional System Configuration items have been added to the Enterprise and Business Unit Setup section that relate to Online Scheduling:

All of the Tabs in Portal Configuration have been relabeled. Also, additional SMS settings have been added to the Services tab.

On the Events page:

  • Event Terminology has been clarified in the documentation.
  • Two (2) new buttons (Add Single and Add Multiple) have been added added to the Event Instances section that you can select based on the Type of Event you want to book.
  • There are also additional Payment Options to select from when adding an Event Instance.
  • Event Pricing Options have been reduced.
    • You can select either the Use Template or Use Existing Item options.
    • If you select the Use Existing Item option, you are adding existing items from Item Setup to the Event with prices and then selecting one of those items as the price for that Event.
  • You can select Dates either Manually or by a Pattern in the Dates tab.
    • If you select Manually, a calendar view displays where you can pick your dates.
    • If you select by a Pattern, a user interface that is similar to setting up a Billing Schedule is used to set your pattern.

Resolved Issues

Several Time Zone issues have been addressed and corrected across multiple modules, including reports.

Reports & Launch Pad

3212: The Sales Analysis graph now displays ALL cash Transactions.

(Alphabetical by Report)

Agreement Cancellation:

  • The Last Bill Date and Last Bill Amount amount have been added to the groupings. (3097)
  • The Cancel Status column is populating correctly for Agreements with a future start date and agreements that have been rescinded or aborted. (3047, NS:68123)

The Member ID column now renders from the "visible ID" (Role ID) instead of the "hidden ID" (Member ID) in the database on the following reports. (3256, NS:69854)

  • Agreement Expirations/Obligations
  • Agreement Initiations
  • Agreement Suspensions

Agreement Initiation

  • When report is grouped by Business Unit/Location, the output when exported to Excel displays correctly. (3439)
  • The Member name header issue has been fixed. (3223)

Customer Activity:

  • The Employee Name, Service Type, and Service fields now display properly when required. (2640)
  • The time zone issue has been corrected. (2628)

Daily Employee Schedule:

  • The time zone issue has been corrected. (2628)

Employee Information:

  • The values export to Excel in the correct column. (3029)

Member Accounts:

  • You can now properly export to Excel/PDF. (2523, NS:66365)
  • The Account Status filter has been added. (2435)

Member Information:

  • You can now sequentially sort by the Role ID (Member ID). (3302, NS:69702)
  • The Inactive option has been added to the Member Status filter. (2377, NS:64894)
  • The address display issues have been resolved. (3350)

Member Statement:

  • You can properly export report to PDF. (3211, NS:69228)

Performance Commissions:

  • The issue of all configured Commission Schedules being commissioned instead of only commissions on redeemed Activities has been corrected. (3154 NS:69145)

Opportunities Management:

  • This is a new report lists of all Opportunities created within a date range and grouped by the Employee or Work Role that is assigned to the Opportunity.

Post Billing:

  • The report now includes manual payments made through POS. (2850)
  • The columns now line up properly when exporting to Excel. (3221)

Pre Billing Detail:

Shift Report:

  • Back Office payments now display properly if the Workstation is part of a Shift. Also, if the payment is on more than one invoice, only the first invoice displays in the report. (2944, NS:67566)

Activity Management

2966: The Change permission in Activity Management is now available in the Individual Permissions tab in the Activity Management folder. It is linked correctly and the Operations Security settings update accordingly if you select the Change check box.

2997 (NS:67545): If an employee (Service Provider) edits their name and they are associated with an Activity, the name change will take effect and display correctly.

2907: The Redeem at Purchase Facility flag in Activity Managementis working properly.


3100/3080/3140 (NS:68575/68452/68969): The Time Zone issues with Agreements have been resolved.

3118 (NS:69229): Depleted Agreements now cancel properly regardless of the whether a refund is owed or not owed.

3142 (NS:69071): You can now manually enter a future Agreement cancellation date.

2724 (NS:66746): Cancelled Agreements no longer populate in the Suspension Wizard.

2448: Agreement Suspension times are now correctly using the time zone of the Business Unit instead of UTC time.

2440: You can no longer save a Suspension with an end date that is before start date. The End (Date) field displays in red alerting you to the error.

Agreement Templates

2963 (NS:67785): The BillingAmount field on a new or existing Agreement Template is now populating correctly. This also rectifies any PDF printing issues.

3414: You can now Preview an Agreement without error.

Agreement Writer

2042: You can NOT save a "zero (0) dollar" Installment Option.

Bundle Setup

2550: In Bundle Setup, if the Min. Price is greater than the Max. Price field, the field displays in red, a Tool Tip displays when you hover the mouse alerting you to the error, and the Bundle can not be saved.

2461: When editing a Bundle, the Subcategory will populate correctly if it was previously added to the Bundle.

2975 (NS:68876): End Dates for Perpetual and Installment Options do not populate unless entered in the Bundle Setup.


3176: The first Check-In for any Member who signed up through Moso myClub (Free Trial or Join Now), is now properly saved and recorded on the Check-In screen.

2711: All Check-Ins now display with their correct Check-In method in the History section.

Data Fields

3216: You can no longer save special characters in a Currency or Decimal Data Field.

3217: If a Data Field is Value Format list, and no value has been selected, the combo box will remain blank instead of displaying "Select" as the value.

3148: Custom Data Fields now wrap properly.

Decline Reason Mappings

3044 (NS:68229): Additional Decline Reason Mapping codes have been added.

Discount Codes

3065: The error when saving, or updating and existing Discount Code has been resolved.

Enterprise Configuration

3842: The Hours section in the Scheduler Settings tab on the Business Unit configuration has been removed. Also, the time zone issues when configuring these settings have been resolved.

Item Setup

2547: The default values have been removed from the Valid For and Duration Count fields for Service and Access Item Types.


3109 (NS:68679): All data saving issues on Member Profile pages has been fixed.

3079 (NS:68462): The issue with Members being billed, and subsequently re-billed, outside of their regular Billing Schedule has been corrected.

3249 (NS:70051): The content error message in the Agreements Tab when a pay source has not been added to the Member's Account has been corrected.

3207: The issue of an Account Status changing to "Past Due" when a partial payment was made against an invoice has been corrected. The On Account payment due date on the receipt remains the same after making a partial payment towards the invoice.

2500: The Phone Number display issues when editing Member information have been corrected.

2742: You can now enter a Member whose name includes an apostrophe without throwing an error.

2668: The grammatical error ("A new account has been created and an email notification has been sent") in the Success pop-up banner at the top of the Member Profile when successfully creating a Portal Log-in Account has been corrected.

3086: The Save Changes button on the Member Agreement Update form is deactivated when adding an additional Funding Source to that Agreement. This was done to avoid confusion on how to how to save any edits that you make on the page.

3431: The issue of all of the records in the History tab reverting to the time stamp (Date/Time) of the latest entry has been corrected.

2785: The Member Statuses update option has been removed from System Maintenance and replaced with Import Members Into Scheduler.

3232: Additional notes have been added to the Invoice Details to make it more evident and clear that an Invoice has been returned with a Cancellation Reason that a No Refund option.

3328: The time zone issue causing Appointment Times to display incorrectly on the Member Profile has been corrected.

2278: A scroll bar has been added on the Data Security page (Permissions button on the toolbar) so all of the Options display.


2602: A more descriptive error message has been added when a User does not have adequate permissions to access Member data in POS, Agreements, and Activity Management.

2478: An expired Check-In Message now clears after its End Date and no longer displays on Member's Profile Page.

3264/3352: The errors when creating a Moso myClub Portal Log-In (from either Moso myClub interface or MosoMRM Member Profile page) have been fixed and a temporary password is properly received by email. Also, the Password Reset function works properly.

2965: (Safari ONLY) You can now capture and save Member images on the Member Profile page.

3363: The Pay and Redeem feature in the Appointments tab (Member Profile) is working properly.

Member Accounts

2766 (NS:66747,NS:69577): If User does not have Edit permissions on a Member Account, the Edit button is deactivated (greyed out) when they view an Account.

3218 (NS:65869): The Funding Source display issue as it relates to Time Zones has been corrected.

2977: A scroll bar has been added allowing you to add additional Funding Sources (more than 4) to an Account.

Member Configuration

3201: The display errors when adding new Phone Types on the Member Profile have been corrected. The existing phone numbers no longer shift to the next Phone Number Type i.e from "Home" to "Work" etc., when a new Phone Number Type is added.

2585: (Chrome ONLY) The additional scroll bar at the bottom of the Member Configuration page has been removed.

Moso myClub & Portal Configuration

3042/3037 (NS:68111,69040,68110): (Internet Explorer ONLY) The Billing Information page in the Moso myClub Join Now process now displays without issue. Also, the drop-down lists now populate correctly in this, and in the Moso myClub Free Trial process.

2973 (NS:68110): Inactive Data Fields no longer display on any Moso myClub pages.

3327: You now have the option to "Remove from Calendar" or "Leave on Calendar" when cancelling the Event in Moso myClub.

2612: Agreement PDF now opens properly.

2902: You can now sell an Agreement in Moso myClub, with additional items, and view the Agreement Details in Agreements tab, without error. This was only happening if the price was set at the Enterprise level.

3093: On the Join Now page, the Date of Birth formatting is now validated.

3208: The Lead Source drop-down list has been added to the Agreements tab in Portal Configuration. When n Agreement is purchased through Moso myClub, the selected Lead Source will display on the Member Profile page.

3270: Service Agreements CAN NOT be created in Portal Configuration.

3045 (NS:68241): The Include PDF in Email check box now saves properly in Portal Configuration.


3078 (NS:68270): The issue of a member not being completely billed when coming off of Suspension has been resolved.

3312 (NS:70263): You can now apply payments in the Back Office to invoices that have multiple declined fees and manual payments trying to offset those fees.

3116: A Decline Fee can not be applied in the re-billing process if the fee is not properly configured.

Performance Schedules

3154 (NS:69145): All Performance Schedule disbursement issues, including the Performance Commissions report, have been fixed.


3058: The Invoice and Make Payment Security Options have been added to the Feature Security Permissions on the Work Roles page.

2586 (NS:69853): The Change permission issue on Member and Employee Profile pages has been corrected.

3192 (NS:69578): If you have Add/Change permissions to Accounts you inherit the same permissions for Funding Sources.

2540 (NS:65803): A more clear and descriptive error message displays when a User doesn't have permissions to access Employee and Member Profiles and Reports.

2459 (NS:65038): A User that is not a System Administrator, but still has proper permissions, can access and use the Report Builder.


3200 (NS:687737, 69299): Decline Fees can be returned as often as required.

3231 (NS:69670): The Return Invoice button deactivates when an Invoice has been returned in-full and when a refund was given. The button will remain active if no refund was given.

2544 (NS:65832): Service items can now be properly returned to non-members.

2501: No "Zero (0) Dollar payment requests are generated for an Installment Billing Agreement. However, you can configure the Initial Payment to be at Zero Dollars.

3035: If you have activated the Shift functionality, you must have an "Open" Shift to finalize an Agreement in POS.

3107: Receipt printing is consistent for all Tender Types.

2371: The wording in the error message is more informative when and invalid PIN has been entered.

3353: You can now apply a Discount from the Edit menu in POS without an error being thrown.

3110: You can no longer select a Customer/Member from a Search in POS if you do not have the proper Data Security permissions. When you try to do the search, a Lock icon displays prohibiting you from continiuing with the process.

3034: Scan Mode no longer pauses after an item Barcode has been scanned.

3228/3102: You can make a partial payment on a future payment request (Invoice) and then open that Invoice again and make another payment. You can now make these payments in POS as well as the Back Office.

2922: You can open a declined (or past due) Payment Request from POS and pay it with no issues.


2939: You can manually select a time slot when scheduling an Appointment on the Scheduler Calendar.

3225: A booked Appointment now displays the Employee/Service Provider name on the Calendar.

2987: You can now book an Appointment for an Item Type with multiple Resources.

3255: A User can ONLY view the Calendar for Business Units for which they have the proper View Permissions.

3324: After selecting and Event in the Scheduler Calendar, the Event Registrants now display in the details.

3222: Email confirmations for Rescheduled Appointments now display the rescheduled date and time correctly. These confirmations are now Templates.

2848: (Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 ONLY). The UTC Time Zone options issue when booking a future Appointment has been fixed.

3420: You can now send Notifications directly from the Event.

3057 (NS:68388): The Event Colors are pulling properly into the Scheduler Calendar.

3191 (NS:69241): The Scheduler Calendar now defaults to the logged-in Workstation.

3120 (NS:68858): The future Payment Request issues with multiple activities has been correct.

3365: The Pay and Redeem feature on the Scheduler calendar is working properly.

MosoMRM 1.51 (6/27/2012)

This is a hot patch for that also includes some additional new features:

MosoMRM 1.52 (7/23/2012)

This patch focuses primarily on upgrades to Agreements and Billing and Data Analytics (Reports):

Issues regarding Item Duration and backdating have been synchronized with Billing Schedules to eliminate Agreements going to a Depleted Status prematurely or in error.fy Agreements that will be double-billed due to Activity durations being short.

Reports no longer automatically load and run when selected in Data Analytics. When you select a report, you must select the criteria from the available filters and click the “Generate Report” button to run the report.

MosoMRM 1.53 (8/6/2012)

This patch fixes three (3) issues with Suspensions and one (1) related to Door Access Control.

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