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This is where you create your locker inventory and subsequently apply specific Values to each locker.

This page will always default to your current log-in Business Unit. To configure new lockers, or edit existing lockers, at another Business Unit, you must log-out and log-in to that specific Business Unit.

Locker Filters

The Locker Filters give the ability to search for, identify, and display only lockers with the specific values you are looking for a specific function. These lists are populated from the values you entered in the Locker Rental Setup configuration. After you make your selections, click the Apply Filters button.

Examples include:

  • If you want to display just the lockers in the "Men's Locker Room": Select that value in the Locker Areas drop down list.
  • If you want to display the "Large Corner Lockers" in the "Women's Locker Room":
    • Select "Women's Locker Room" in the Locker Areas drop down list
    • Select "Large" in the Locker Sizes drop-down list
    • Select "Corner" in the Locker Categories drop-down list.
      Locker Search Filters

Configuring Lockers

This configuration should be done in this specific order:

  1. Add Lockers (left).
  2. Select the specific lockers in the Lockers section (right).
  3. Select and Apply Values to each locker (left).
  4. Save All Lockers (right).

NOTE: If you know the specific Values of all of the lockers you are configuring, you can select those Values as you add the initial locker numbers.

To Configure Lockers:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click System Configuration in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Rentals Configuration section, select Locker Setup.
    Empty Locker Setup page.
  3. In the Add Lockers section (left), enter:
    1. The number of total lockers you are adding to your inventory in the # of Lockers field.
    2. Enter the first number in the range of lockers you are adding in the Starting Number field. The lockers and their numbers are generated based on the number you entered in the previous field e.g. If you entered "50" in the # of Lockers field, and a Starting Number of "1", locker numbers "1-50" will be generated.
    3. All of the Locker check boxes will be selected when you add the lockers.
      1. Click the Applies To check box, which is clear, twice to clear all of the Locker check boxes (see screen shot below). This gives you the ability to select specific lockers for which you can apply the proper attributes.
    4. At this point you are ready to Apply Values to any, or all, lockers.
      Lockers 1-50 being added but not saved.
  4. To Apply Values to your lockers:
    1. You MUST apply the required values to all of the lockers you have added before you can Save.
    2. Locker Area, Locker Bank, and Locker Size are REQUIRED to save each locker (Locker Category is not required).
    3. To Apply Values to all of the lockers you have added:
      1. Leave all of the Locker check boxes selected.
      2. Select a value in each of the Apply Values drop-down lists (Locker Category is not required).
      3. Click the Apply Values button. Each added value in the Locker record includes a red triangle in the top left corner which alerts you that you have edited, but not yet saved, these records.
      4. Click the Save All button. The red edit alerts will clear.
        Values applied but not saved for Lockers 1-50.

Editing Lockers

Individual, or groups of Lockers can be edited using the standard Row Editor or selecting the lockers and using the Apply Values drop-down lists to change or add additional attributes to each selected locker. This feature also gives you the ability to add a combination (if applicable) to any locker.

To Edit Locker Records:

  1. To edit a single locker using the row editor:
    1. Double-click the locker record you want to edit in the Locker section (right). The row editor displays.
    2. You can edit:
      1. Locker Number
      2. The four (4) locker Values.
      3. You can add a Combination to the locker.
      4. You can make the locker inactive by clearing the Active check box.
    3. Click the Update button.
      Editing a Locker using the row editor.
  2. To edit multiple lockers at once:
    1. Select the appropriate Locker check box(s) and then click the Edit Locker button. The is the recommended method when adding or editing the same values to multiple lockers.
    2. Select the specific values you want to add/edit from the Apply Values drop-down lists.
    3. Click the Apply Values button. This will highlight the edits (red) in the Lockers section (right).
    4. Click the Save All button. The red edit alerts will clear.
Editing Locker Values
Before editing
Edit results

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