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This is where you create the inventory of available Lockers at your club or facility and apply specific Values to each of those lockers. Lockers can be:

  • Designated by the Area and by the Bank within your club, which is the section or subsection within each area.
  • Categorized by where they are located within each section.
  • Designated and organized by Size and/or Number.
  • Subsequently added to a Bundle and sold in an Agreement or pending on how you configure the Rental Item in Item Setup, sell it at POS.
  • Assigned randomly or specifically based on your pricing, area, or other available criteria or filter you add to the Locker Rental setup.

The Lockers tab has been added to the Member Profile. This stores all of the pertinent information regarding your locker rental including:

  • The Rental Item that you purchased.
  • The locker Number and Combination.
  • The locker Values.
  • The Expiration Date of your rental purchase.
    The Lockers tab on the Member Profile.


Permissions are required to manage Lockers. These are the permissions associated with Locker management in:

  1. Feature Security Permissions
    Set the Feature Security Permissions for each Staff Work Role. These permissions (View,Add,Update,Delete) are in the Locker Rental Setup and Locker Setup folders. Setting these permissions will give that Work Role the ability to view the Lockers tab on the Member Profile page.
  2. Set your standard Operations Security (right click).

Locker Rentals Configuration Order

The Locker Rental Configuration should be done in this order (after setting permissions):

  1. Configure an Item Category and Agreement Classification.
    1. Create an Item Category e.g. "Lockers" or "Locker Rental" etc., to categorize the items in POS.
    2. Configure an Agreement Classification, that you select when configuring an Agreement involving Locker rentals.
  2. Locker Rental Setup - This is where you set up the Values that you will apply to each locker at your club. These include:
    1. Areas
    2. Banks
    3. Categories
    4. Sizes
  3. Locker Setup - This is where you create the actual inventory of Lockers at your club and apply the Values that you created in Locker Rental Setup.
  4. Item Setup - When creating the items, select Rental as the Item Type. It is here where you select the values that affect pricing, specifically the Area and the Size.
  5. Create a Bundle.
    1. When creating the Bundle, select the Service Bundle Type.
    2. It is strongly recommended that you make the Locker Rental Item, the Key Item in that Bundle.
    3. Pending on how you are planning on selling the service, select the Available at POS and Qualified Members Only check boxes, which are also recommended.
  6. Create an Agreement. You can either create a separate Locker Rental Agreement or you can add it as Optional up-sell item in a Membership Agreement.

Renting Lockers

While specific business practices at your club will determine this specifically, Lockers will often be rented three (3) ways:

  1. On a "daily" or "monthly" basis i.e. a Fixed Term, through POS.
  2. As a standalone Service Agreement.
  3. As an Additional Bundle or Service in a Membership Agreement.

If you rent a locker at POS, it will only be available for the duration you selected in Item Setup since Paid-In-Full is the only payment option. If you want an extended term, it is recommended you create a Bundle with an Installment or Perpetual option and sell it through the Agreement Writer either as a standalone Agreement or as an Additional Bundle or Item in a Membership Agreement.

Renting a Locker at POS

When you select a standard Rental Item Type in POS, the Choose a Locker pop-up display to assign the locker to the member.

  1. The Locker Assignment field will be inactive until you make your selections and assign a Locker Number.
  2. Select the Values from the appropriate drop-down list. IMPORTANT...If you added specific values to this item during Item Setup e.g. Locker Size, that field will NOT be active for selection in this step.
  3. Based on the previous selections you have made, the available Locker Numbers that meet those criteria will be available for selection in the Choose a Locker drop-down list.
    Selecting a Locker.
  4. After you select a Locker Number (REQUIRED), the Locker Assignment field will populate with the value selections and locker number you selected for this member.
    An assigned Locker.
  5. Click the Done button. At this point, you will return to POS and the values you selected will be added to the original transaction record.
    Locker Values added to the POS transaction.

When you select a Bundle Item that includes a rental in a POS transaction, the same steps as noted above are required. However, you will be prompted to "select a Locker Assignment" in the transaction record. At this point, the Add Tender button will not be active, hence you will not be able to finalize the transaction until you have completed the assignment process.

Prompt for Locker Assignment.
  1. Click the Edit Menu and select Edit Assignment.
  2. The Choose a Locker pop-up displays. Make your selections as noted above and click the Done button.
  3. At this point, you will return to POS, the values you selected will be added to the original transaction record, and Add Tender button will now be active so you can finalize the transaction.
    Locker has been Assigned for this Bundle.

Also, if you would like to adjust the Start Date of the Locker Rental, select Start Date in the Edit Menu and select the date on which you would like this rental to commence. The new date will, in turn, be displayed below the item in the POS transaction record.

Technical Information

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