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Purchasing a membership is a 6-Step process where you select facility preferences, membership types, payment plans, enter personal and credit card information, and accept all membership terms and policies.

There are multiple confirmation steps in the process. If at any point you notice a mistake, click the Previous button to return to the previous page and continue that until you return to the page with the errors.

Remember...all fields marked with an Asterisk (*) are required!

How To Join a Club

This will take you through all six (6) steps of joining a club (Facility)

STEP 1 : Facility and Membership Options and Referral Information

This step is where you select your home Facility and Membership Type, including your Payment Plan, within that facility. You will also enter any Referral information.

The options available in each of these drop-down lists are set up in your Conexion (CX) or eClub Logic application. The Lead Source drop-down list is available in eClub Logic ONLY.

The Membership Types will not populate the drop-down list until a facility is selected.

Join S1 02.png

When a facility is selected, the Membership Types become available to you in the drop-down list.

Join S1 03.png

And subsequently, the Payment Plan options will not populate until a Membership Type is selected.

Join S1 04.png

The final product (not including any referral)...

Join S1 01.png

STEP 2: Membership Term Verification and Cost Breakdown

This step gives you the opportunity to confirm your membership information and also provides a detailed breakdown of your initial and recurring charges.

The Start Date and Obligation Date are typically the same. The Initial Charges typically include an enrollment fee, any processing charges, and the first month's fees. The Recurring Charges are your monthly fees if applicable.

Join S2 01.png

STEP 3: User and Emergency Contact Information

This is where you enter all of your personal information.

Join S3 01.png

The Emergency Contact Information is REQUIRED.

Join S3 02.png

STEP 4: Billing Information

All credit card information MUST be entered:

  • Name on Card
  • Credit Card Number
  • Card Type
  • Expiration Date
  • CVV2 (NOTE: This field is deactivated if the Billing Schedule you selected does NOT include an Initial Payment.)

The address, city, state, and zip code that you entered in the previous step auto-populate into the appropriate fields but can be edited if necessary.

Join S4 01.png

STEP 5: Final Confirmation

This page gives you the opportunity for a final review of ALL of your membership information. The page includes:

  1. Membership Terms and Cost Breakdowns (from Step 2)
  2. Personal Information
  3. Emergency Contact Information
  4. Billing Information
  5. Terms & Conditions Agreement
    Join S5 01.png

It is REQUIRED that you select the I accept Terms and Conditions above check box to proceed. After completing your review and making any necessary edits, click the Buy Membership button.

Join S5 02.png

A welcome message with your membership details is automatically sent to the email address you entered in Step 3.

Confirmation Email

NOTE: This message is generated based on the HTML you entered in the Email Text field when you configured the Join Now Page (Steps 37-39).

Email Personalization Options

Saving the Email Confirmation (Conexion ONLY)

In CX ONLY, the contents and formatting of the email confirmation notice is saved in a PDF and displayed on the member's record in Membership Management.

To View the Confirmation Email PDF:

  1. Go to the Member Record in Membership Management.
  2. In the right navigation, click the Documents icon. The Member Documents and Activity History page displays.
  3. Click the Web New Member record and then click the View Document button.
  4. The PDF document of the email confirmation displays in a new window.

STEP 6: Purchased Membership Details

This pages displays your critical membership information including:

  1. Member ID and Contract ID (these are typically the same)
  2. Transaction ID
  3. Barcode

You are offered multiple print options for your Barcode and Member ID, which are the two (2) primary methods of getting access to your facility (highly recommended).

Also, a link displays offering you the opportunity to register for online account access.

Join S6 01.png

To Register for Online Account Access:

  1. Click the register for online account access link on the Purchased Membership Details page. The Create Account page displays.
  2. Your Member ID, Email Address, Last Name, and Birth Date fields will auto-populate.
  3. Enter the name you want to use to access the system in the Username text box e.g. BCoolidge, TheWolf.
  4. Click the Register button.
    Join S6 02.png
  5. A Thank You notice displays and en email is sent to you with a temporary password. It is recommended that you immediately log in to your account and re-set your password.
    Join S6 03.png

The email notification includes your Username and a Temporary Password.

Join S6 04.png

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