General Configuration




The General Configuration is where you set up the look and feel of your user interface down to the Business Unit level. You can configure:

  • Member, Child, and Billing Field Labels
  • Default Language
  • The basic color scheme of your user interface ("Skin")
  • Set your logo that will display on every page in the application

How to Set Up General Configurations

To Setup or Modify the General Configuration:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click the System Configuration icon in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Enterprise & Business Unit Setup section, select General Configuration.
  3. Select the Business Unit, Division, or Enterprise (Source Level) you want to configure from the drop-down list.

All of the initial Use Default Settings check boxes at the Enterprise level default to selected and the values are grayed out. Subsequently, if you select this check box at a lower level in your hierarchy (Division or Business Unit), the Enterprise default settings apply and those fields are alos grayed out.

For Steps 4-12, if these settings are acceptable, skip to Step 13.

Enterprise Default Settings
  1. Enter the singular label for your Member fields in the Member Label text box (Default=Member). Customer' is another standard option for this field.
  2. Enter the plural label for your Member fields in the Member Label Plural text box (Default=Members). Customers' is another standard option for this field.
    Configuring both Label (Singular and Plural) text boxes
  3. Enter the singular label for your Child fields in the Child Label text box (Default=Child).
  4. Enter the plural label for your Child fields in the Children Label Plural text box (Default=Children).
  5. Enter the label for your Billing fields in the Billing Label text box (Default=Perpetual).
  6. Enter the label for your Billing actions in the Billing Actions Label text box (Default=Perpetually).
  7. Select your default language from the Language drop-down list (Default=English).
  8. The default Skin (user interface color scheme) is Green and Blue. If that is acceptable, skip to Step 14.
  9. To select another Skin:
    1. Clear the Use Default Settings check box.
    2. Select a new color scheme from the Skin drop-down list. Once you reset your Skin, select the Use Default Settings check box to set the Skin as your default.
      General Config 03.png
  10. Select the Auto Redeemed Scheduled Activity if you want Activities to be automatically redeemed at Check-In.
  1. Select a Logo image:
    1. You can upload separate logos for the Enterprise or for each separate Business Unit. You can not however, select a logo at the Division level.
    2. Click the Picture Folder icon to the right of the Logo field. You will be re-directed to the last page you viewed on your hard drive.
    3. If that is not the proper file, folder, or page, click the folder where your images are stored and select the image you want to use as your logo. The file path will automatically populate the Logo field.
    4. This Logo is for the Business Unit or for your Enterprise level based on what you have selected in the Source Level drop-down list above.
    5. Your log-in screen will default to the Enterprise logo. When you log-in to your specific Business Unit, that specific logo will display.
  2. If everything is correct, click Save. (NOTE: The file path for the Logo image is NOT saved in the Logo field after you save the settings.)

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