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The Free Trial link is where a prospective member can sign up for a complimentary pass to the facility.

The Free Trial terms are set up through your Conexion (CX) or eClub system e.g. length of the trial, and enabled through your Back Office. You can also add information about the free trial to your Home page (NOT on the actual Free Trial page however).

How to Configure the Free Trial Page

Many of the fields on the Edit "Free Trial" page are identical to the Join Now and Renew Now pages but they are not linked. All of the labels below are for fields and drop-down lists on the Free Trial page.

To Edit the Free Trial Page:

  1. Go to the Edit "Free Trial" page.
  2. Enter a title in the Title text box.
  3. Enter a Help Tip in the appropriate text box.
  4. Enter the detailed text for the help tip in the Help Tip Detail text box.
  5. Enter labels for the first and last name fields in the First Name Label and Last Name Label text boxes.
  6. Enter a label for the first address line in the Address1Label Label text box. This displays the street address on the user interface.
    Free Trial 01.png
  7. Enter a label for the second address line in the Address2Label Label text box. Typically the suite or apartment number of the member will display in this field on the user interface.
  8. Enter a label for the gender drop-down list in the Gender Label text box.
  9. Enter a label for the City, State (drop-down list), and Zip fields in their respective text boxes.
  10. Enter a label for the email field in the Email Label text box.
  11. Enter a label for the phone number field in the Contact Phone Number Label text box.
  12. Enter a label for the date of birth drop-down list in the Date of Birth Label text box.
  13. Enter a label for the trial facility drop-down list in the Facility Label text box.
  14. Enter a label for the lead source drop-down list in the Lead Source Label text box. The Lead Source is where the prospective member heard about the facility. These are also downloaded from your Conexion (CX) or eClub system.
  15. Enter a label for the middle initial field in the Middle Initial Label text box.
  16. Enter a label for the sales representative field in the Sales Rep Label text box. When entering the data, if you do not know the identification number of the sales representative, leave this field blank.
  17. Enter a label for the referral field in the Referred By Label text box.
  18. Enter a label for occupation field in the Occupation Label text box.
    Free Trial 02.png
  19. Enter a label for the submit button in the Submit Button Label text box.
  20. Enter a label for the employer field in the Employer Label text box.
  21. Enter a label for the alternate phone number field in the Alt Phone Label text box.
    • To enable and display the alternate phone number field, select the Show Alt Phone check box (default=selected).
  22. Enter a label for the information verification field in the Captcha Label text box.
    • If you would like to disable the Captcha, select the Hide Captcha Verification check box.
  23. Enter a label for the email verification field in the Verify Email Label text box.
    • To enable and display the email verification, select the Verify Email check box (default=selected).
  24. Click Save and publish.
    Free Trial 03.png

Requesting a Free Trial

Requesting a Free Trial is one-time only transaction that can be done by anyone prior to joining the facility. The parameters of the free trial are set up through your Conexion (CX) or eClub system and the process for requesting a trial is very straightforward for the prospective member.

To navigate to the Free Trial page, click either the Free Trial link in the top panel of your website or click the Free Trial button on the Home page.

Free Trial Request 04.png

To Request a Free Trial:

  1. Go to the Free Trial page.
  2. Enter or select all of your personal information. All of this information is required with the exception of your middle initial and an alternate phone number.
    Free Trial Request 01.png
  3. Select the club where you want the free trial from the Facility drop-down list.
  4. Select the source of your request from the Lead Source drop-down list e.g. newspaper or radio advertisement, flyer, card, etc.
  5. Enter the sales representative, ONLY if you know who it is, in the Sales Rep text box.
  6. Enter the member who referred you in the Referred By text box (this MUST be a member or leave it blank).
  7. Enter your Occupation and Employer in the appropriate text boxes (optional).
  8. Enter the verification code (Captcha Code) that you see in the code box.
  9. Click Submit.
    Free Trial Request 02.png
  10. If all of the information is accurately formatted, the Guest Confirmation page displays which includes your Barcode and Guest Number. Print this page or click the (Click) Here link in the bottom left corner of the page. This will display the barcode information in a new window. You will also receive an email with this same information.
    Free Trial Request 03.png

The information captured in these fields is distributed internally to the proper personnel, typically the noted sales representative or the membership director.

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