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The Discount Code Security page is where you manage and assign Permissions for applying discounts. The five (5) permissions, or Operations, you are adding Users and Groups for are:

  • Add - permission to add a new Discount Code
  • Assign - permission to be assigned to perform a function e.g. use a discount
  • Change - permission to alter or edit a Discount Code
  • Delete - permission to delete a Discount Code
  • View - permission to view a Discount Code

The page is nearly identical to the Data Security page with the exception of the Options expand/collapse icon, that displays on that page. That feature gives gives you the ability to limit the returns from the Add Users search, which is not available on this page.

The Discount Code Security page is divided into two (2) areas:

  • Discount Codes - This lists all of the discounts that have been added in the Discounts/Adjustments configuration.
  • Security Details - {Discount} - This is further broken out into three (3) sections.
    • Operations - This lists the five permissions you are applying to this Discount Code.
    • Users and Groups For:{Permission} (No Label) - This lists all of the Users you add from the Add Users" list (below).
    • Add Users:{Permission} (this is a Search list) - This list is made up of all of the Staff & Users, Work Roles, and Sources you have added to the database.

Assigning Discount Code Permissions

When you are assigning Discount Code permissions you are...

Assigning a User, Work Role, or Source PERMISSION to execute one of these OPERATIONS (Add, Assign, Change, Delete, View as they relate to Discounts at the selected Business Unit level.

To Assign Permissions:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click System Configuration in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Data Management section, select Discount Code Security.
  3. Select an Enterprise, Division, or Business Unit from the drop-down list.
    1. The field defaults to your Enterprise level.
    2. The Discounts available at that level display in the Discount Codes section (left).
  4. Select a Discount Code. That selection will display in the label of the Security Details panel e.g. Security Details - Member Discounts.
  5. Select an operation in the Operations panel (Add, Assign, Change, Delete, View).
  6. In the Add Users: list:
    1. Click the arrow down to display the list of Users, Work Roles, or Sources (the list will display vertically) or click in the list and type at least one (1) letter to do a Search.
      Doing a search in the Add Users field.
    2. Once you make a selection from this list, you can repeat the process to add another User to the list. Note in the screen shot above, "General Manager" (Work Role) was originally selected. In the screen shot below, "PTime" (User) was also selected and added to the field before they are added to the primary list.
      Adding a second User to the Add Users field.
    3. Once all of the selections are made, click the Add User(s) button. The selections will be display in the middle section (not lableled). If the selection is grayed out, it was passed down from a higher level in the hierarchy.
      Adding the Users to the Discount Code.
  7. If necessary, repeat the process for a different Discount Code, Operation or add another User for the current Operation.

In the screen shot series above, the flow reads like this:

PTime, System Admin, and General Manager have permission to Add the Employee Discount to an Item at all levels within the MOSO Fitness Enterprise.

Next Step?

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And remember to set your Screen Security when you get to the next page!

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