Commission Batch Management




The Commission Batch Management page gives you the ability to create Performance Commission batches and subsequently reconcile, approve, prepare, and export them for payroll processing. Batch processing will typically be completed by the Fitness Manager either:

  • Every day.
  • When he or she knows there are outstanding commissions.
  • Done in sync with the payroll processing.

The page includes the Advanced Search feature with Commission Type, Location, and Time Frame criteria. Once a batch is approved it cannot be saved or approved again. After you approve the batch, you can generate a .csv file and Export the file for payroll processing.

Managing a Batch

To Manage a Batch:

  1. To generate a Batch:
    1. Select the Commission Type from the drop-down list. Performance is currently the only option.
  2. Select a Location from drop-down list.
  3. Enter or select the dates for the Payroll Period.
  4. Click the Generate Batch button.
    Adding a New Batch.
  5. The batch information displays with an alphabetical listing of Employees and their Commission amounts.
    Generating a Batch.
  6. The next step it to review the information and save the Batch. To save the batch, click the Save this Batch button in the toolbar. A banner will display at the top of the screen letting you know that the "Batch was Saved Successfully" and you will remain on this screen.
  7. At this point, if you are ready for approval, click the Approve Batch button.
    1. CRITICAL INFORMATION...Once the batch is approved it cannot be saved or approved again!
    2. The following warning message displays:
      Approve Batch? warning message.
    3. Click the Yes button. A banner will display at the top of the screen letting you know that the "Batch was Approved Successfully" and you will remain on this screen.
    4. If you desire, click the Export button. This generates a .csv file. Select either the Open with radio button and select a format or the Save File radio button and click OK. This saves the file to your hard drive where you can send it as you see fit.

There are three (3) available links on this page:

  • Employee Name - This link will direct you to that employee's Employee Profile page.
  • Details - This link opens a detailed listing of ALL redemption activity (Use, No Show, Adjustment, Late Cancel, etc.) for that employee within that Performance Schedule during that pay period.
    Approve Batch? warning message.
  • Performance Schedule - This link directs you to the Performance Schedule page, with that schedule's details preselected.


How do you know a Batch is ready for approval???

Answer: This is typically updated every day by the Fitness Manager or is done in sync with the Pay Periods.

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