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Childcare is an available service that provides supervised care for the Children of Member's and other customer's while they are using your club or facility. Childcare in MosoMRM also includes a separate Childcare Check-In module that links with standard Check-In, giving you the ability to check in Children and their Guardian(s) at the same time.

Childcare Configuration Order

Configuring Childcare features should be done in this order:

  1. Set the necessary Permissions to configure and use the features.
    1. IMPORTANT CONFIGURATION - You MUST configure the Data Security (View, Change, Assign, Approve, Add) for all Users, Groups, and Work Roles that will perform any Childcare operations.
      Data Security Settings
    2. Set the Feature Security Permissions for each Staff Work Role. These permissions (View,Add,Update,Delete) are in the Childcare and Childcare Setup folders.
      Feature Security Permissions
    3. Set your standard Operations Security.
  2. IMPORTANT CONFIGURATION - In the Workstations configuration, you MUST select YES in the Allow Childcare Check In drop-down list. This setting activates the Childcare icon on the Launch Pad! This should be configured for all Workstations where you will have Childcare Check-In operations.
  3. Configure an Item Category and Agreement Classification.
    1. Create an Item Category e.g. "Childcare" or "Childcare Services" etc., to categorize the items in POS(optional but recommended).
    2. Configure an Agreement Classification, that you select when configuring an Agreement involving Locker rentals (optional).
  4. Childcare Setup - This is where you set up any Allergies or Special Needs that may apply to a child.
  5. Item Setup - When creating the items, select Service as the Item Type. While this can be considered an "Access" type of item, the basic premise is that this a "Service" that the club is offering to it's Members and other customers.
  6. Create a Bundle.
    1. When creating the Bundle, select the Service Bundle Type.
    2. It is strongly recommended that you make the Childcare Item, the Key Item in that Bundle.
    3. Pending on how you are planning on selling the service and to who, select the Available at POS and Qualified Members Only check boxes, accordingly.
  7. Create an Agreement. You can either create a separate Childcare Agreement or you can add it as Optional up-sell item in a Membership Agreement.
  8. At this point, you are ready to Add Children to a Member's Profile.

Click HERE for some Childcare Services configuration examples!

Childcare Check-In

Childcare Check-In is strictly for providing access and accountability for all of the CHILDREN using the Childcare Services at your club or facility.

This feature gives you the ability to check-in and check-out each child and also displays:

  • Each individual child that is currently checked-in (in a similar manner to the standard Check-In) at any given moment as well as any children that have been recently checked-out.
  • Any Allergies or Special Needs of each child.
  • The Child's age and Birthday

You will typically assign one (1) Workstation solely for primary Check-In at each access point to your facility. This may also apply, based on your operations, to where you use the Dependent Check-In.

Childcare Check-In screen.


These are the steps for a manual check-in. The Unattended Check-In feature is not available in Childcare Check-In.

To Check In a Child:

  1. From the Launch Pad or anywhere in the application, click the Childcare icon in the left navigation panel. The initial Childcare Check-In User Interface displays.
    1. In the left panel, enter the Name or ID Number of the Primary Member or Guardian who is checking in the child/children:
    2. A minimum of the first two (2) letters of their last name
    3. Last name then first name (space required)
    4. Last name and a minimum of the first letter of their first name e.g. Golfer E
    5. First name and a minimum of one (1) letter of their last name (space required) e.g. Eldrick G
    6. A minimum of the first two (2) digits of the ID number in the Scan text box
    7. A minimum of the first two (2) digits of the Member Card number in the Scan text box (this is an optional number that is added in the Cards tab on their Member Profile)
  2. Click the Go button. A list of members will display within the parameters you entered.
  3. Select the Member. The User Interface will flip to the Check-In Phase information with the children displaying in the right section.
    Check-In Phase.
  4. To check in the child, click the toggle switch to IN. Repeat this process for any or all of the other Children.
    Childcare Check-In screen
  5. The children that are checked in display in the Currently Checked-In section (right) and the Currently Checked-In counter (left) will update. The record displays:
    1. The child's Name and Photo
    2. Time they were checked in
    3. Age (bold)
    4. Guardian Name (bold)
    5. All of the Allergies and Special Needs for all of the children that are currently checked in displays in the bottom section of the screen.
      Checked In child.
  6. You can also check children in using the Check-In Action boxes. These are primarily for checking in multiple children
    1. If you select the Check in/out Children ONLY action box, you can check in all of above children at one time.
    2. If you select the Check in/out Children and the Guardian you can check in all of above children at one time and their Guardian. At this point, the standard Check-In Screen opens to check in the Member/Guardian.
    3. Cancel Check-In and Don't Save - This will always display allowing you to cancel the Check-In without a record being created.

NOTE: If you have purchased a unit-based amount of Childcare Check-Ins, should the situation arise where you do not a have sufficient amount to check in all or multiple children, an error warning message banner will display at the top of the screen advising you that you do not have a sufficient quantity to complete all of check-ins.

Check-Out Instructions

You can add additional Check-Out Instructions for any child when you check them into the club. Click the Add Check-Out Instructions link and enter the Instructions in the Checkout Instructions pop-up window and click the Save button. This will alert you at check-out that there are specific instructions when checking out this child.

Adding Check-Out Instructions.


To Check-Out a Child:

  • Do a Search for the Guardian picking up the child (if you keep your Check-In screen open, you can go directly to the Member Search), click the GO button, and select the appropriate Guardian. All of the Currently Checked-In children will display (right).
  • To check a child out, locate the child in that section and click his/her toggle button. It will flip to OUT and the child is checked out.
  • At this point, the child (or children) will be moved to the Recently Checked-Out section.
    Adding Check-Out Instructions.

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