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The Cancellation Reasons are where you configure the reasons an Agreement or Invoice may be cancelled. These reasons also apply to Rewriting an Agreement.

The Cancel button in the Agreements tab on the Member Profile opens the Cancellation Wizard which takes you through the process of cancelling an Agreement. The Cancellation Reasons you add here populate the:

  • The Select Reason for Cancelling drop-down list on the second page of the Cancellation Wizard.
  • The Select Reason for Cancelling drop-down list on the Return Invoice Wizard.
  • The (Cancellation) Reason drop-down list in the Member Agreement Rewrite pop-up.

Configuring Cancellation Reasons

To Configure Cancellation Reasons:

  1. From the Launch Pad, click System Configuration in the left navigation panel.
  2. In the Inventory, Activities & Related Settings section, select Cancellation Reasons.
  3. Click Add. This activates the sections on the right.


  1. Enter the Reason in the Name text box. The Update button activates.
  2. The Active, Agreements, and Invoices check boxes default to selected. If you do NOT want the reason to be applied to, and be available for selection when cancelling Agreements and Invoices, clear the appropriate check box.
  3. The Invoices option is for cancelling/returning an existing invoice in POS.
  4. Rewrite - Select this check box if this is an acceptable reason to Rewrite an Agreement.
    1. If you select this reason, the Agreements, Invoices, and Refund check boxes can not be selected. (NOTE: Since the Agreements and Invoices options are default selections, if you select Rewrite and leave either or both of these selected, they will be cleared automatically when you Save the Reason).
    2. If this reason is selected, it will only be available for rewrites, not for any other cancellation process (Agreements and Returning an Invoice in POS).
  5. Admin Adjustment - Selecting this check box gives you the ability to categorize the cancellation as a accounting adjustment on the general ledger (Loss/Bad Debt) or an Agreement Adjustment e.g. upgrading from a Silver to a Gold Membership. (NOTE: This will be a filter on reports only, though that feature is currently still in development).
  6. In the Work Role Permissions list box, select which Work Roles can use this cancellation reason to enter AND approve a cancellation. This identical feature is also on the Suspension Reasons configuration page.


In this section, select the applicable check boxes:

  1. Require Comment - Select this check box to require that Comments be added on the first page of the Cancellation Wizard.
  2. Prior to First Billing Only - This is an additional setting for a rewrite cancellation ONLY. Use this setting when you will have different return rules prior to the first billing of the Agreement.
    1. This setting is recommended, and should only be used, when doing a rewrite on the same day, or prior to the first billing, of an Agreement sale. This is because your return rules may be configured differently for an Agreement that has not been billed verses an Agreement that has already been billed.
    2. If you select this option, the "Prior to First Billing Only" notice (red font) will display adjacent to this Cancellation Reason in the drop-down list when you rewrite an Agreement. This simply advises you that this cancellation reason should only be used if you are rewriting the Agreement before the first billing date. If it is not being rewritten before the first billing, another Cancellation Reason option should be selected.
      The "Prior to First Billing Only" notice when selecting a Cancellation Reason.
    3. This gives each Business Unit the ability return all or any of the items based on your business practices. For Example:
      1. You may want to return all Access or Service items but not the promotional T-Shirt and Water Bottle.
      2. You may or may not want to return Initiation Fees, or any other fees, associated with the Agreement.
  3. Effective Date Must Be on Key Item Bill Date - If you select this check box, you are requiring that the effective date of the cancellation be on the same date that the Agreement's Key Item is billed.
    1. If you apply this rule, the cancellation takes effect at the start (midnight) of the billing date e.g. if an Agreement is cancelled on 4/3 and has a billing date of "Monthly on the 1st and " for the Key Item, the Effective Date of the cancellation would be 4/30 at 11:59:99 or 5/1 at 00:00:59.
  4. Requires Prior Notice - Select this check box to require that prior notice (in days) be given when cancelling an Agreement.
    1. The actual number of days is configured in the Agreement Rules configuration.
    2. The number of days is calculated from the effective date of the cancellation e.g. in the screen shot below, you must give "31" days prior notice to the effective date of your cancellation. So if you wish to cancel on June 30 (effective date), the request must be made no later than May 31st to take effect on that date.
      Cancellation Rules section from the Agreement Rules configuration.
    3. This setting also works in conjunction with the Effective Date Must Be on Key Item Bill Date if they are both configured e.g. if you set "30 Days" prior notice AND the Key Item billing date is Monthly on the 1st, if you request a cancellation on March 15, your effective cancellation date would be MAY 1st! Since you did not give the required 30-days notice prior to the Key Item billing date, the cancellation is pushed back to meet both requirements.
  5. Allow Immediate Cancel - This setting gives you the option to cancel an Agreement immediately regardless of any other settings. If this setting is selected, and this reason is subsequently used for the cancellation, the Immediate Cancel check box is activated and available for selection in the second step of the Cancellation Wizard.
  6. Enhancement Fee Items – This setting gives you the option to automatically waive an Enhancement Fee when the cancellation request and effective dates fall within the parameters of the corresponding setup fields.


  1. In this section, select from the following:
    1. Refund any Prepaid Activities - This refunds any Activities (e.g. PT sessions) that have already been purchased.
    2. Charges Fee if Prior to Obligation - This setting gives you the option to charge a fee if the Agreement is cancelled prior to it's Obligation Date.
      1. If you select this option, the Fee Item drop-down list activates.
      2. This list includes all Fee items you have configured in Item Setup. Select a Fee from the list.
    3. Prorate Last Billing - This setting gives you the ability to enable or disable the prorate option during the Agreement Cancellation process. If you select this check box, and this Cancellation Reason is selected when an Agreement is cancelled, the proper refund amount is prorated based on any other applicable settings you have configured e.g. Always Return Item.
    4. Always Return Item Types list box (see Always Return Item Types below for more information on this feature):
      1. The list is hard coded and includes all of the Item Types available in MosoMRM.
      2. Select the check box for each Item Type you want returned when this Cancellation Reason is used e.g. if you select the Services and Access Item Types, every item in the Agreement with that Item Type will be returned automatically.
    5. Keep Same Billing Schedule on Re-Write – This setting will trigger logic during a rewrite to attempt to maintain a Billing Schedule from the previous agreement to the new agreement when there are matching schedules between the two.
  2. If all of the information is correct, click the Save button.
Completed Cancellation Reasons configuration.

Always Return Item Types

The Always Return Item Types feature gives you the option to select which items get returned when using that Cancellation Reason. This optional functionality works with standard cancellations and rewrites.

Configuration Tips for this feature...

  1. Products typically will NOT be returned.
  2. Remaining Access, Services, and Rentals WILL be returned.
  3. Pending on when the cancellation is being done during the lifespan of the Agreement, Fees may or may not be returned. For Example:
    1. If the Cancellation Reason will be used prior to a first billing, pending on your business practices, you may or may not select this option.
    2. For a rewrite designed to be a renewal, you will typically NOT return fees.
    3. If the Cancellation is past a certain date and/or time after its Start Date, you would typically NOT return fees.

Available for Agreements

On the Available for Agreements tab, select the agreement(s) that this cancellation reason applies to. Agreements are grouped by classification.

  1. Select All check box is available to select all agreements.
  2. Click Show Inactive to view Inactive agreements.
  3. Once the agreements have been selected, click Save to save the selections made.

Note: The Add/Edit Agreement screen provides another way to associate the reasons to the agreement(s).

Cancellation Reasons - Available for Agreements

Editing a Cancellation Reason

To edit a Cancellation Reason, double-click in the appropriate record to display the row editor.

  • Make any necessary adjustments and click the Update button.
  • In edit mode, the Edit link replaces the View link for the Assigned Work Roles and Always Return Item Types columns. In View mode those lists are read-only.

How to Cancel an Agreement

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