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The About Us menu link is where you can provide members and prospective members some insight about who you are and what your facility is about. If the links within the About Us functionality are enabled, they can be accessed by anyone:

  1. Hover over the About Us button in the website header and a drop-down list will display.
  2. In the Left Navigation Tree (Website Administrators ONLY).

How to Configure the About Us Page

Any content added to this link e.g. Our Staff, Amenities, Our Trainers, is done on a static page and displays in the About Us drop-down list. The steps in adding the content is the same however.

NOTE: The Edit "About Us" page is one of the few edit pages where adding a Help Tip is not available.

To Edit the About Us Page:

  1. Go to the Edit "About Us" page.
  2. The Name text box defaults. This entry is what links all of the added information to the proper root link i.e. About Us. If you want to edit the entry, click the Lock icon to the right of the text box. Click the Lock again when you are done to re-lock the data.
  3. Enter the body text of the page in the Text field. This displays in the middle portion of the website interface.
  4. To upload an image in the Top Image text box, click upload.
  5. Click Browse.
  6. Select an image from where they are stored on your hard drive and click open. The image file path will automatically populate the Upload field. The image will display in the top banner of the page on the interface.
  7. A heading for the side banner in Side Banner Heading text box. This displays in the lower right corner of the website interface above the two (2) side images.
  8. To upload the two (2) Side Images, repeat the same procedures as you did with the Top Image.
  9. Click Save and publish.
    About Us 01.png

NOTE: the actual size of the Text field has been reduced for the purposes of this screen shot.

The images below map where the information, from all of the fields on the Edit "About Us" page actually display on the user interface.

Red Text Box = Name of Field/Text Box from Edit "About Us" page

The top portion of the page:

Map About Us 01.png

The bottom portion of the page

Map About Us 02.png

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